Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Alonzo,

Let me clarify a few things before our fitness relationship continues. The reason this whole situation has worked up untl this point is because the exercise atmosphere is to my liking. But let me tell you what doesn't work for me: working out outside. Okay first of all it is hot. And if I want to stand in the shade, you need to let me. I'm a little perturbed by all the cars driving by and all the honking. I was feeling an asthma attack coming on.

Homie don't like to be outside. That ain't me. I like to work out with the air conditioning and the clocks and the televisions and the Britney Spears music. Okay??

Also, if you want me to jump rope that fast please let me know ahead of time so I can put on atleast 3 sports bras.

Thank you,


  1. NO. He. DIDN'T.

    I just shed a tear for you.

  2. Oh blessed be. Hey, at least you sweat more outside. That means more calories lost, right??? Just trying to encourage. I am so proud of you, outside or not.

  3. No maam! outside does not work from here through October! I feel for ya!

  4. You have me laughing about the 3 sport bras thing! I like the air too but also love outside because I feel like I sweat more and hopefully lose more! Hope it goes better!

  5. I just crack up everytime I read your alonzo chronicles! Oh the pains we go to, to look good!