Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top 9 Idol Recap

I don't know if I'll do this every week, but I'm doing it this week! Time for Jen the Newlywed's idol recap. Let us begin:


Anoop sang an Usher song that I don't really care for. Randy was totally right, Usher is more of a "dancer's singer" and that is more of a dance song. I feel like Anoop never really shows us just how good he is. Plus, his eyebrows are a bit concerning.

Megan Joy

Megan sang "Turn Your Lights Down Low". I really really think she should've sung an Adele song or something by Duffy. She has that raspy, blues-y tone that would shine in one of those songs. Something about her is just a bit odd, but she is cute as a button.

Danny Gokey

When they said that Danny was singing "What Hurts the Most", I knew it would be a good song for him. It is right in his range and it's just a great song anyway. He performed it well, but sometimes he tends to overshoot things and go a bit sharp. Plus, no offense to any major Danny lovers out there, but there is something about his voice that is a bit incorrect. He sounds like he isn't treating his voice right to me and I can't quite put my finger on it. However, he is a great guy and is one of the stronger performers in the competition. Hooray for Danny.


Okay, the beginning of that song was amazing. I gotta hand it to her. She sounded good. "Don't Speak" was a great song choice for her. But then some thing flips and I feel like she's a teenage girl in her bedroom rocking out to the CD while looking in the mirror. It was weird. My husband said that she looked like a character from the Flintstones. I concur.


Scott was sooooo much better this week. He made alot of smart decisions. I feel like he realized that people were thinking that he wasn't that great of a singer so he chose something that would showcase him vocally. He sounded great. Somebody FINALLY did something with his hair, although I thought he looked a bit like Kinickie from "Grease". I think that he was smart to choose Billy Joel and "Just the Way You Are" is a great song. He did a great job. I still think his weeks are numbered though because he is very one dimensional. And that's okay.


So my husband bought the new Fray CD a few months back and hasn't stopped playing it since. The song Matt sang last night "You Found Me" is one of our favorites and we listen to it often. SUCH a great song and I felt like he performed it well. I think the judges were a bit hard on him last night. They prefer the blues side of him more, apparently. That's okay. I think he is a great talent and an excellent pianist.

Lil Rounds

Oh, Lil and her ever-changing hair style. She's having fun with those wigs, isn't she?! Homegirl can SING but I'm getting bored with her. She chose a BIG song- "I Surrender" by Celine. She sang it well but I am just losing interest. A guy is totally going to win this year.

Adam Lambert

Adam. Adam is the boy I hate to love. He is such a spaz and wish I didn't like him. However, he is a spaz that CANNOT hit a bad note. CANNOT. There is NOTHING to high for him. His range is unbelievable and he wows me every week. He sang "Play that Funky Music White Boy" which was a bit strange but he sang the heck out of it. Man, he's good.

Kris Allen

My boy Kris sang "Ain't No Sunshine" and he played the piano! Who knew?! GREAT vocals. Super creative arrangement. I love him. You're my boy, blue!

Other notes: Simon seems like he always wants to laugh at Paula's critique. And honestly, if she would just cut herself off after a few sentences she would sound alot more intelligent. The longer she goes on, the worse it gets. And how cute was Randy being all cuddly with Lil's daughter? Adorable. He looked like he was a natural. And sometimes, I think Kara is the only judge who makes any sense!

Great show. I'm thinking that tonight's bottom 3 will be Megan, Allison and Scott. Any of those that I just listed could be switched out with Anoop. We'll see.

Your thoughts?


  1. I agree with you about Danny. I still like him though. But I really really like Kris Allen!

  2. Adam Lambert is the second coming of Freddie Mercury.

  3. This was fun to read, and I agree with alot of your comments! I think the reason Megan Joy comes across as odd is her AWKWARD shoulder/ hip bouncing with random snapping of the fingers. It drives me nuts!

    Hope all is well, hope you are enjoying that new nephew!

  4. I totally agree with all of your comments! I have the result show on now! Love ya!

  5. I *love* your AI recap!! Thank you for that!!! Bless your red headed soul!!

    OK!! I about wet myself over your comment about Scotts hair...umm hello did someone TEASE that with a comb from Sally Beauty Supply?? Just wondering.

    Allison: I feel like she would have fit right into Bleyl Jr. High when we were know when Air Walks from Journeys were the IN shoe and 579!!!!! HA:)

    Anoop: Sweet heart you are just precious and sweet in everyway but...honey your eyebrows cannot go unoticed...its like they SCREAM!!

    Bottom 3 in my opinion:
    Matt (not because i don't like him...i really do)

    Hugs!!! Off to start the DVR :)

  6. Love me some Danny and Kris. We shall see. Our whole family is hooked. :)

    Have a great weekend Jen!