Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hi July, Please Be Cooler Than June

June was totally not cool. June was dry and made me not want to go outside. June was deceiving because when you looked out the window you thought June was really pretty and nice and inviting. And then you walked outside and you realized June was a liar.

You could only handle June in small doses. And by "small doses" I mean 35 seconds.

June was hot, but not in a sexy kind of way. June was hot in a "I feel disgusting" kind of way.

Welcome, July.

We understand that you will not be cool, but cooler than June would be helpful. Maybe you could bring some rain to this summer party we're having. And perhaps a breeze. I have high expectations for you, July. I hope you live up to them and exceed them.

July is already better than June for a few reasons. First of all, nine years ago today my sister married her highschool sweetheart. Happy Anniversary Jaclyn & Jeremy! Secondly, July brings Disney World!! July also gives me a paid day off on Friday due to the holiday. Also, July brings the finale of The Bachelorette where I am hoping our girl Jill shows that she is indeed not stupid and that Ed is her choice because he is a doll and he looks like Denny Duquette from Grey's Anatomy.

So already, July is better than June cause July actually brings something to the summer party. June was just hot. In a gross way.

In June's defense, a really precious denim summer skirt from Ann Taylor Loft was brought into my life and I'm pretty sure it is my summer staple. I will give you that, June. I will give you that.


  1. What a great post! I, too, hope July brings about at least a breeze or two! And yes, my brothers name is Dustin :) What a fun, small world!

  2. I LOVE your writing! Brilliant and oh so cute! Just like that denim skirt! OK. How do you know Sara? We grew up going to church together. Craziness!!!!

  3. Your posts bring joy into my day, my friend! This is definitely one that my mom would love and want to be friends with you as a result of! :)

    And, yes, June deserves some definite credit for the denim skirt find - love it!

    Happy LONG weekend!!

  4. the skirt is perfection. you are hysterical.

  5. You are so funny Jen, you make me giggle! That is such a great post!

  6. I am SO in agreement about July...I hope for rain, but the not the kind of rain that accompanies a hurricane. :-)