Thursday, July 16, 2009

Recap: Houston Project Day 2 & 3

Let me tell you what's awesome: HOUSTON PROJECT.

I am blown away by what the Lord has done this week. The kids have grown in numbers each night. The adults have DOUBLED in numbers each night. People are asking questions and the Lord is moving in their hearts.

Tuesday night, I saw 3 young guys in their late 20's walking by our site. They looked like they were just wandering the neighborhood, just aimlessly walking. They slowed down as they passed our tents. They were curious as to what we were doing.... someone shouted at them to "Come on in! Get something to eat!". They didn't speak English, so one of our Spanish translators approached them and they begrudgingly came into the tent. They ate, ALOT, and then stood up as if they were going to leave.

Somehow, someone convinced them to go into the adult Bible study. They went, they stayed the whole time, and as they left, we gave them a Spanish-language Bible. They walked off down the street together, just as they came, and I thought to myself, "Well, maybe we planted a seed...."

Last night, guess who showed up, with their Santa Biblia in tow?! ALL THREE OF THEM!! They all came back, with their Bibles. They ate, went to Bible study, and wrote down on a card ways we can be praying for them. Their Bible study teacher shared with us that they are from Nicaragua and that they are really taking in everything and God seems to be really moving in their hearts. I am SO GLAD they came back . I am so glad that they knew how that we were so happy to have them. Please pray for the 3 men from Nicaragua, I do not know their names.

I worked in the nursery last night. I got to love on some sweet baby boys. Santiago and Joel were my little buddies!

God is doing great things. Grant mentioned last night that Houston is so so big, sometimes it feels like you're not making a dent. But when I saw those 3 guys come walking into the tents last night with their Bibles.... I really felt like we had done something big.

Praise God!


  1. The Lord is so good!!!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. GOOSE BUMPS all over when you said "guess who came back again last night"!!!
    That is so awesome!
    Much love