Friday, July 17, 2009

Houston Project: Wrap it Up

Houston Project is over, and it was amazing. I am amazed at how many lives were touched and how receptive people were to hearing the Word of God. Not only were they receptive, they were desperate to hear it. Our evangelism team was out walking the streets when they said a car full of rather intimidating looking young men stopped and asked "Are you out here telling people about Jesus?". Our team said that they were and then the young man said "What do you have to do to get saved?". Ummmmm are you for real?! Two of the gentlemen in that car definitely seemed to want more answers. Their names were Rooster and Junebug. :) Keep praying for them!

After everything was all wrapped up, a big group of us went to Sonic. We were in need of some fruity fluids. We spent almost 2 hours there just talking about our weeks and getting to know each other more. It was a good 2 hours solid of belly laughs. Oh, it was fun. And then I didn't get to bed till 1:00am but it was so worth it.

This weekend is going to be crazy hectic but that's okay. We are attending a wedding in College Station tomorrow night and then driving back to Houston right afterwards. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. But we are so glad to be at this wedding. Grant worked with this couple while he was in college. They met at work and started dating there, all before Grant's very eyes. So he is glad to see this day finally come!

While at Sonic last night, one topic that came up was "guilty pleasure" television. People seem to be embarassed to admit that they watch certain shows. A few examples that came up in this conversation last night: Cops, The Real World, Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Bachelor, Wife Swap, Family Guy, The O.C. and Antiques Roadshow.

So let's hear it: What's your guilty pleasure show?!


  1. i think all of my tv shows are guilty pleasure shows as none of them are really a necessity or add any value to my life.

    i love brothers and sisters, desperate housewives, summer show is so you think you can dance!

  2. Definitely Real Housewives of OC and NY, Bachelor/Bachelorette when I have the chance to sit down and watch it, and a bit of Family Guy as well, ugh hate to admit that!

  3. Don't look down on me, but when Rusty isn't home, I sneak in some Wife Swap and Bridezillas!

  4. i just can't help watching the bachelor/ette :)

    I am so mad at her for letting Reid go!!

  5. You already know mine! ALso, I like the new background. Very pretty!

    And I agree with the comment above. Bad move on Jillian's part!

  6. I am and will probably always be a teeny-bopper at heart, SO that means I like the Real Life of the American Teenager and Make it or Break It. These shows star on the ABC Fam channel, and I seriously love them! Definite guilty pleasure!