Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dean Turns 3 and Other Happenings

In my last post, you read about how Evan and Emmy turned 3 in Disney World. They were born February 27, 2009. 

Not even a month later, on March 18, another little stinker arrived in our lives! Dean Jackson's birthday is today and we are so proud of what a big boy he is! I love my Deanie Monster.

Isn't he just a total pumpkin?! 

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for Dean at Gymboree Play & Music. The kids had a ball. The photo below is cracking me up..... all the other kids had their cupcakes and then ran back out to the play area to get back to running around like crazy kiddos. But Dean? Dean stayed to finish his cupcake. 

Here he is, all by himself at a big table, eating his "pupcake" as he calls it and ignoring all of us.

 He finally finished his pupcake!

This was the best pic I could get with him... he was not in the mood to take pictures with Aunt Jenny!

After his party, he wanted chocolate chip pancakes. And by golly, he got them. Cause it's his birthday :)

Grant and I are really so, so blessed with all of our nieces and nephews. There's 7 of them total, but we love each of them to pieces. We love how unique and different they are and how fun it has been to watch them grow up. They fill my heart with joy!

They are all very excited to meet their little cousin this summer :) 

At my parents' house, they have one of those electronic picture frames in the living room that rotates pictures every few seconds. For the last 5 years, this has had pictures of all the grandbabies. They update it frequently. As I sat in their living room yesterday, there was a new picture in the rotation. It was my ultrasound photo! I got so excited... it's so weird that my little girl will be part of the grandbaby pack! 
I've had a blast picking out all the stuff for her room and registering. So much stuff! But it makes me pretty giddy. 

I'm ready to attack this week head on. I downloaded a new app for my Mac called "iProcrastinate" which is a productivity/time management tool that I have very high hopes for. I'm hoping it will help me knock stuff out if I can visualize it. I do love to cross things off of a list!

Also, I would like to give a high five to whoever invented this awesome thing:

It's so you can open and close doors without making a sound. I found it on Pinterest.! Perfect for nurseries or classrooms! People are so dang smart and inventive! 

I've been on a frozen yogurt kick this week. Specifically vanilla yogurt with nilla wafers, oreos and chocolate chips. DELICIOUS.

Right now, I'm eating a healthy choice soup... Chicken & Dumplins. It's not NEARLY as good as Chicken & Dumplins from the Cracker Barrel... but really, what's better than the Cracker Barrel? Kudos to Healthy Choice for a valiant effort.


  1. Dean is a totally awesome kid. So fun!

    btw I need that thing for foors for the twins bedroom door. I shall have to check this out.

    and btw again. you're too darn cute. cutest pregnant person I know.

  2. i love you and i love how you love my babies :) I love your baby too a lot..and I love that she is already on the photo slide show at mom and dads house!!!!
    Thanks again for the super handsome shirt and toy for the boo boo bear <3