Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Disney 2012

Once again, we were blessed to be able to have a Disney vacation with Grant's family at the end of February. (Sorry I'm just now getting around to blogging about it!!) We had so much fun. The main purpose of the trip (other than quality time together) was to celebrate Evan & Emmy's 3rd birthday. Yep, those kiddos are THREE! What a blessing they are.

I love Evan and his joy. He's ALL boy and such a sweet thing. He's always been my buddy and I love watching him grow into a big boy. I love Emmy and her sweet smile. She seriously has one of the most precious smiles I've ever seen. She is dainty and such a little lady. Grant and I took them into one of the Disney shops and let them pick out a birthday present. Evan picked out a big set of cars from the movie Cars. Emmy picked out a red and white beaded Minnie Mouse purse. She held it on her wrist like such a little woman. Her mommy gave her a few things to carry in her purse and she was so proud walking around that park! It was adorable. I'm so glad for extended time with them to build great memories. 

This was our baby girl's first trip to Disney! I wasn't really able to ride many rides and I had to take frequent potty breaks, but it was fun to walk around with her :) Her "Baba" (Grant's mom) took this picture of us in Epcot. This is about 18 to 19 weeks.  

This is the little birthday celebration for Evan and Emmy. They had a character breakfast at Hollywood & Vine in Hollywood Studios. The characters from Disney Jr. walked around and even brought the kids a little birthday cupcake! Here are Evan & Emmy blowing out the candles.

This is Jake from "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". I had Grant take this picture so I could send it to Jaclyn so she could show it to Grace and Dean. They love Jake :) As soon as I sent the picture, she texted me back with "OMG. Kids attacking my phone" :) 

Evan was very excited to see all the characters. He gave Special Agent Oso a hug. (Emmy was not real comfortable with all the characters, so she isn't in a lot of these pictures. Poor darling!)

This is perhaps one of my favorite photos of all time. Olivia Claire was also not interested in interacting with Special Agent Oso. Rather than cry or sit in her mama's lap, she decided to turn away from him and freeze in place. No movement. No blinking. Just frozen. You can almost hear her internal dialogue "If I don't move, he can't see me... maybe he will go away".

Here's the whole fam! Uncle Grant, Aunt Jenny, Olivia Claire, Evan, Chase, Ronda, Emmy Grace, Baba and Papa!

The men (plus Olivia) meeting Mater and Lightning McQueen! (They are Evan's favorite!)

Sorry, these pics are kinda scrambled and out of order. Blogger is being spazzy.

Here we are at breakfast. 

Again, Olivia will not give Special Agent Oso the time of day. Totally frozen. 


Oh man. Laughter is good for the soul. On a boat ride, we drove straight into a storm. It started out as a drizzle, but then it started coming down in sheets. Grant's mom took this picture of us trying to stay dry. It didn't work :) I haven't laughed that hard in awhile!!

At a 3D showing of Fantasmic in Magic Kingdom. Aren't we lovely? 

At Downtown Disney, there was a Lego land place that Grant stayed in for a good hour. I couldn't get him out of there. He played with Legos for an hour. Seriously. 

Grant and his brother Chase went back to the parks late at night to walk around and ride the "real rides". With all the kiddos and with me being pregnant, we don't really get to do the roller coaster kinds of things. So the guys go back to the park during extended hours and ride till their heart is content. And they also take silly pictures. 

This is Grant and his brother with Mickey and Minnie. Seriously. 

One last picture of the birthday boy! He loves Handy Manny!

Again, sorry for the scattered photos. Blogger is not cooperating with me tonight :) 

We had such a great trip, and I slept HARD when we got back. All that walking will take it out of you, plus all the travelling. Special thanks to Baba and Papa for such a wonderful trip! We LOVE family time!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Super jealous you got to go to Disney - it's my favorite place on earth! Also, you look wonderful!