Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Tree

At my parent's house, there are lots and lots of trees. If you have allergies, their neighborhood is like kryptonite.  But living in the forest sure is pretty! Anyways, their backyard has lots of beautiful things in it. A few years ago, they started adding some pretty things to this one really big tree. 

There are 3 butterflies and 1 lizard. The 3 butterflies are for Scarlett, Juliet and Grace. The lizard is for Mr. Dean Jackson. 

Last night my dad texted me this picture:

There's a 4th butterfly! Our baby girl got her own butterfly on the grandbaby tree!
(If you're wondering who the frog represents, that's Pops. He's chasing them, which is pretty typical!)

Also, this is me Friday night at 22 weeks. 

Holy Moly. 


  1. What a neat idea! I've never heard of anything like it, but I LOVE it!

  2. I just teared up.

    She has a butterfly. Sweetest thing EVER.