Monday, December 29, 2014

And Boy, Are My Arms Tired!

We just flew in from New Orleans! We are HOME and now begins the daunting task of:

a) unpacking all the suitcases (we checked FOUR bags, y'all)
b) beginning the laundry monster
c) going to the grocery store because our home is food-less
d) finding a home for all of Ellie's new toys

And I'm going to get right to all of those things and be on the bal. I will be getting things accomplished because I'm not going into 2015 with any lingering chores hanging over my head! If I procrastinate anything in the next few days, than the chance of 2015 being a productive year goes right down the toilet. So I'm gonna get all that done. For reals.

However, I just wanted to pop in real quick and say "hi" since it's been awhile.

So, hi.

A few thoughts on traveling:

1. We flew on Christmas Day and it actually was quite pleasant.
2. I don't think that there is any greater joy as a weary traveler than when you land and go down to baggage claim and your bags (ALL FOUR OF THEM) are already circling and waiting for you. It is a gift from Heaven, I'm telling you.
3. Two-and-a-half year olds want to be big kids and want to walk in airports and not be carried. Also, two-and-a-half year olds get really easily excited by things at the airport. Oh, look, an airplane. Out the window. Oh, look. Another airplane out another window. Oh, look, escalators. Oh look, let me stick my fingers in this outlet. Oh, look, let's drop some food on the floor and pick it up and eat it. Oh, look, let's stick our hands in someone else's purse. Oh, look, a massive swarm of people are walking briskly behind us, trying to catch their flights, but we're just going to mosey around and meander and point at the ceiling and show random strangers our boots.
4. I am tired.

All in all, I'm thankful and happy and we had such a great time with family. I'll post more pics later, but for now... here I am with my girl on the plane :)

Happy Monday, friends! I've missed you!

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