Monday, December 22, 2014

I've Got a Blank Space, Baby

That's all I could think to write for the title of this post. I've got a blank space. Cause the screen is blank and the cursor is blinking at me, telling me to write, and I feel as of right now that I don't have much to write. So thank you, Taylor Swift, for the lyrical inspiration.

I've got a blank space baby... and I'll write your name.

Your Name.

Can I just end the blog there? No? Okay. Here are some thoughts.

1. Melanie over at Big Mama shared with her readers a few days ago about an app called Riffsy Gif that allows you to put gifs directly into text messages. I read that and about flipped. I CAN PUT GIFS INTO A TEXT MESSAGE?

Well. It's pretty much the only way I will be communicating with anyone from this point forward.  I apologize ahead of time but my text friends are just going to have to deal with it. I'M SO EXCITED!

Again.... I apologize.

2. It's December 22nd and I ran out to the drug store this morning to buy some mascara and a few more gift bags and I'd like to go ahead and tell all of you that it's no longer safe to enter into any retail store of any kind. It was madness in there and a poor Walgreen's employee was getting chewed out by someone and I kinda snapped at her and said "Hey! She's doing the best she can!" The employee apologized for the delay and I told her I'm sorry that this is what her week looks like. BE NICE TO STORE EMPLOYEES, PEOPLE. THIS IS NOT FUN FOR THEM.

3. I'm so thankful for Grant. December 31st marks his end of the fiscal year at work, as well as his end of quarter. As a salesman, he has to have all his deals closed by December 31st while also dealing with everyone's travel and holiday schedules. He is kicking butt and taking names and closing deals while also participating in all of the Christmas festivities. He is such a hard worker and I'm so thankful that I get to keep him.

4. This is probably the last year that I can do this, but I went ahead and put all of Ellie's stocking stuffers in her stocking already. I was organizing all the gifts and thought "where can I hide these stocking stuffers?" Oh. I can hide it in her stocking. She'll never look there! She doesn't even know something is supposed to be there Christmas morning. Works out perfectly!

In case you're curious, the stocking includes:
Chapstick (or "my lih-stick!" as she calls it)
Minnie Mouse Socks
A princess flashlight

5. When I bought stocking stuffers for Ellie and Grant, I decided to go ahead and get myself a stocking stuffer too, since mine is always empty. It's earrings. I'm wearing them now.

Alrighty folks, that's all for today! I hope you're having a blessed season and are able to enjoy time with family and friends! Safe travels to wherever you're headed!

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  1. Okay, that app... I am OBSESSED!!! Got it and sending people gifs already. Haha It makes texting just so much better.