Monday, December 15, 2014

It's Like Living With MacGyver

My husband is very handy and resourceful. He's quick on his feet and always knows what to do in a crisis. And by "crisis" I mean an actual crisis, and also the kind of crisis that I find to be a crisis that no one else thinks is a crisis. He's calm and collected and always finds a way.

He's also very quirky.

A few months back, I shared with y'all about his little Hershey bar habit. When we are going on a road trip, he buys a Hershey bar and sticks it in the A/C vents to keep it cold.

This weekend, I learned another new little life hack from him. I walked into the kitchen to find him spinning a jar of peanut butter on our kitchen floor. He was spinning it, on its edges, kind of like a spinning top.

Me: Hi.

Grant: Hi.

Me: What are you doing?

Grant: Spinning the peanut butter.

Me. I see that. (I stood there and stared for a few seconds longer.) Can I ask why you're spinning the peanut butter jar? Is this just for fun? Or....

Grant: It's cause whenever you use it, you hack at it and it's all clumped on the sides and I want it all to be on the bottom. See? Look.

(Grant sticks this in my face:)

Grant: See? Now it's all on the bottom.

Me. Wow.

Grant: Look! Tell me that didn't work!

Me: No, I can see that it worked. Is that something people do?

Grant: What do you mean?

Me: Is this a common thing? Who taught you to do that?

Grant: It's centrifugal force!

Me: But did someone tell you about this?

Grant: I think it's a pretty common sense thing, babe.

READERS: IS THIS NORMAL? DO OTHER PEOPLE DO THIS? Do you spin your peanut butter on your kitchen floor?!


  1. I've totally never heard of this, but now I want to go use a̶l̶l̶ most of the peanut butter so I can do this. #spinthepb

  2. Never heard of this. Not only am I old, I still like pent butter.