Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ear Infections Bum Me Out

The past few days have been somewhat eventful. Ellie started being especially cranky and irritable and uncooperative and then she got a fever. We just went through this at Thanksgiving and this mama was not in the mood to deal with a sick girl over the holidays again so I got her right into the doctor who confirmed that she has an ear infection. Antibiotics to the rescue!

Unfortunately, Ellie was unable to attend her Christmas program at school where she was to be dressed as a sheep. I am so sad that we couldn't make this happen because I was looking forward to witnessing what happened last time except with the added bonus of her being in a costume.

We have 3 days of antibiotics in her but she still wasn't acting like herself enough for me to think it was a good idea to send her to school today. Unfortunately, it was the last day of the semester and today is her class Christmas party. I had gifts ready for her amazing teachers and I really was sad for her to miss this big celebration. We decided to skip the school day but allow her to go up for just the party.

I'm so glad I did!

We walked in and the table was set with a sweet little Christmas tree that the kids have decorated and every seat had a place card. This was Ellie's place card:

My favorite part is that her baby apparently had to be part of the picture too. Silly girl.

I also love 2 of the crafts she brought home with her, the first being something I've been anxiously anticipating:

Her first handmade ornament! It's already on the tree! A few things that make this ornament especially special to me:

1. It's decorated with pasta, which is my love language.
2. It's turquoise, which also happens to be Ellie's signature color.

I will treasure this pasta star for decades to come.

She also brought home this absolute treasure:

Y'all. You know I'm obsessed with her feet.

It is just all kinds of preciousness. I'm totally going to buy a frame and from this point forward this will be part of our Christmas decor. I'm obsessed.

I'm so glad we went and we got to give presents to her teachers and see her friends one more time before the holiday.

We came home and she really seemed to perk up after her nap and isn't acting sick at all. In fact, she took a stamp and stamped all over our walls in the entryway this evening. There's a video of this incident on the So.Many.Words. Blog Facebook page. Go over and take a look. And yes, the video ends with her saying, "Don't touch me!"

As you can tell in the video, my message totally got through to her and she is very remorseful for her actions.

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  1. I'm glad Ellie is feeling better and got the chance to attend the Class Party. Your a great mother Jenn!!! Keep It Up!!!