Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You've Got to Get Yourself Together

I've got some words :)

This blog is a diary of sorts for me. A way for me to document what's going on in my life for me to look back on years down the road. A place for me to journal and talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And yesterday afternoon was somewhere between bad and ugly.

Fatigue + Discomfort + Hormones = CRAZY JEN

Let's just say there was about an hour that I sat alone in Ellie's nursery and and rocked in the rocking chair and sobbed. It wasn't one, dainty little tear. Weeping. Total wreck.

And the whole time I KNEW I was being ridiculous and I KNEW that I needed to pull myself together and that what I was crying about was not that big of a deal, but I just couldn't do it. Every time I thought I had calmed down, I'd get all revved up again.

The thing is, my first and second trimesters were a breeze. Everything was almost too perfect. Relatively symptomless. All was good. And then third trimester came....

Honestly, I have loved being pregnant. I am so happy that the Lord allowed us to have this blessing. It HAS been a joy. It IS amazing to feel her kick and turn inside of me... I am pretty sure I am going to miss that feeling. I've loved this extended one on one time with my sweet girl.

But every once in awhile, the hormones and the exhaustion takes over and I just fall apart. And that was yesterday.

However, last night I slept the WHOLE NIGHT (I didn't get up once, not even to use the bathroom!!!) and this morning I've already showered and had breakfast and a big cup of coffee and done my Bible study. Today is already much better than yesterday. And Miss Ellie is kicking up a storm.

"Today will be a better day, Mama!"

Yes it will, little girl :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

35 Weeks

I am 35 weeks pregnant today!

We had an ultrasound this morning and it was so wonderful to see our sweet girl. She's running out of room in there so it was harder to get super clear pictures, but everything looks just perfect. She's just under 6lbs. Her head is down. She had one hand under her chin and one hand above her head. She's still a girl - I made them double check!

I am not dilated at all but I am 50% effaced. Progress! 

I've gained exactly 30lbs and I'd be okay if I didn't gain any more weight :) But somehow I'm thinking I'll put on a couple more before her grand arrival. 

So we're looking at about one more month! We're beyond excited to meet her and we're thankful that everything is developing so well and that she is healthy. So we know she's planning her escape and now we wait. 

So much to do in the meantime.... I need to finish washing her clothes. I need to pack a bag. I need to hang a few more things on the wall in the nursery. I need to put the carseat in the car. I need to take lots of naps and eat lots of food. I think I've got that last part pretty well covered! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Beautiful Breakfast Baby Shower!

Once again, I have to grovel and admit that I am THE. WORST. PICTURE TAKER. EVER.

I am absolutely and totally embarrassed that I went to a baby shower that someone threw for me and my little girl and I took not one photo. What is wrong with me? I am left to paint you a picture with nothing but words. I'll do my best to make that happen :) To the hostesses who are reading this, I am so sorry that there are no photos of this beautiful, perfect event. If I leave anything out, I sincerely apologize and cannot thank you enough for all you did!

The Hostesses:

Cindy: Cindy and I met probably two years ago at church while doing music/choir related things. She sings and she's fun. And funNY. And she bakes and I love being friends with people who bake. She has two stinkin' adorable children, her husband is a blast as well, and we get into trouble together. She's a great "mama resource" and has been such an amazing person to walk through pregnancy with me. She's always there to listen and go the extra mile. She's a "details" person (something I was definitely not blessed with) and I always love to watch her creative juices flow. She's kinda brilliant. I love her :)

Paige: Paige is a new friend, but we've gotten so close so quickly! She moved to Houston last summer when she got married to our choir director. I fell in love with her immediately. She's sweet and real and such a blessing to all of us. We're honored to have her here. We have fun lunch dates and she JUST had a baby girl in early May so it's fun that my Ellie already has a girlfriend to play with once she arrives :) She is full of hair tips (she has the best hair EVER) and Hobby Lobby recommendations and I am so glad she is a part of my life.

Anna: Anna and I met two years ago at Christmas Camp. Yes, I said Christmas Camp. I had just decided to join the choir for Christmas and they hold a "camp" (it's just a weekend of rehearsals) in August to to a kickoff and learn a whole bunch of music. I sat next to Anna, and the rest is history. She makes me laugh and we make comments under our breath and cling to each other when the old people make references and jokes that are beyond our years. Then, she started helping in High 5 Kids Choir with me and that is even more fun. We exchange glances across the room when some of the kiddos are being, well.... kiddos. Sometimes she'll catch me staring at a child and then when I see that she's caught me I mouth "I'm going to steal that one". She's loyal and fun and sweet and silly and I adore her :)

The Location:

When Cindy told me they were discussing having the shower at La Madeleine, I got SUPER excited. I do love me some "La Mad" and just thinking of the croissants got me all pumped up. Little did I know just how perfect it would be....

What I Wore:

My clothing options are becoming more and more limited. However, I chose a blue dress that really hugs the bump (no sense trying to hide it anymore!) with a little leopard print shrug from Old Navy. I wore gold dangle earrings and nude-colored wedges.

The Guests:

I personally loved this shower. It was small, intimate, and filled with ladies from church that I get to serve with on a weekly basis in various ministries, most of them music related. We just sat and chatted and laughed and talked about impending motherhood and it just felt like having a Saturday breakfast with your girlfriends. I think I actually said at one point "Can we do this EVERY Saturday?!"

The Decor:

I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I was with all of this! They did SO MUCH and I'm sure I didn't even see everything. When you walked into the little room in the back of La Mad, the first thing you noticed was the GORGEOUS flower arrangement in the center of the table. It was TALL and BIG and in a gorgeous, turquoise vase. (In case you didn't know, turquoise is Ellie's signature color!)

(I got to take those flowers home with me and I was BEYOND thrilled!)

Each place setting had a small menu for each guest peruse and choose from. It was on the loveliest paper and you simply looked at the sheet and "checked" what you wanted and then the hostesses delivered those to the staff at La Mad. While we waited we had coffee and a very large assortment of fruit that was DE-LICIOUS.

Also on the table was a big letter "E" for my Ellie girl!

The Food:

Well, La Mad never disappoints and I had a delicious breakfast. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals and we just chatted as we ate. What stole the show though was Cindy's homemade dessert. (I told you, the woman loves to bake)

We were treated to HOME MADE DING DONGS with a big, turquoise "E" on top.

Let me just take a minute to tell you about these Ding Dongs. They were PERFECTION. They were moist and perfect and gooey and perfect and bad for you and perfect and I LOVED THEM. I took some home for Grant but I think I only saved him one. I ate the rest :)

The Gifts:

This is where I was truly blown away. It was a gift card shower! Lord knows that there are many unexpected expenses that pop up, or things I didn't think to register for, or expensive items, or diapers 6 months from now, or expensive nursing bras, or all kinds of things that could present themselves as we start this parenthood journey.

The giftcards are a huge, giant blessing. I've already used some and plan on keeping the rest in a drawer for things that pop up after Ellie's arrival. Of course, a few ladies broke the rules and brought gifts as well. One even home made a turquoise and white tutu with a matching headband! I CAN NOT WAIT to take her picture in that!!

In Summary:

I loved, loved, loved this shower. I loved that it didn't feel like a big deal, it was just a bunch of ladies sitting around eating delicious food and drinking coffee and chatting. Paige prayed over all of us and over me and Ellie. It was so sweet and touching. I felt so loved and honored and I know Miss Ellie will be well taken care of by the ladies of the music ministry :)

To the hostesses... thank you for all your hard work. Anna is in a "busy season" at work and has lots of things going on. Cindy had just returned from a week long trip to Disney and was likely very, very exhausted but she didn't let it show. And Paige had a one month old baby girl to take care of but was still so present and I was just thrilled to pieces with the whole thing.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yes, I Am Okay!

Apparently I need to write a blog post. Over the last several days, many friends and family have reached out to check on me. In their defense, I haven't blogged since May 31 which is very unlike me. How I've made it to June 17th without writing anything is beyond me! Yes, I am okay! We are still here and everything is fine. We are healthy :)

We have been BUSY. I think I have SO MUCH to blog about that I'm overwhelmed by it all, coupled with the fact that I have been super bad at taking pictures. I've had not one, not two, but THREE baby showers since my last post and I was really bad at documenting them photographically and I feel bad blogging about them without showing pictures. I know my words will not do them justice! They are all so unique and precious and beautiful and the details people put into these things are astounding. Talk about blessed!

After the last and final shower, I just wept. I could not believe how much people blessed us. Our little Ellie girl seriously has everything that she needs. Everything. And then some. We are beyond blessed and thankful and grateful and appreciative and overwhelmed by the kindess of our friends and family and the provision of our Lord.

I will blog about each of these showers throughout the week and show the few pictures I have that I have stolen from other people :) My sincerest apologies to the hostesses who worked so hard and deserve so much more than what I will be able to verbalize on this here blog!

I just wanted to drop in and say HELLO and I'm ALIVE and Ellie is GROWING and WE ONLY HAVE SIX WEEKS LEFT AT THE MOST till we meet her and OH MY GOODNESS.