Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Busiest Bee

So, last weekend we had the stomach bug. GOOD TIMES.

I have much higher hopes for this weekend. Especially because this week has gotten progressively better. I don't know if she was still getting over the sickness or what, but Monday - Wednesday of this week, our little Ellie was a little stinker. Every day, she had a standard method of operation:

1. Wake up 1-2 hours earlier than usual
2. Demand breakfast IMMEDIATELY
3. Eat breakfast
4. Throw a fit
5. Play with something dangerous
6. Throw an even bigger fit when mommy takes the dangerous object away
7. Take a nap
8. Wake up in a bad mood

I was kinda going bonkers. But thankfully, this morning she woke up and was back to herself. I was very thankful for this. And tonight, we went to our church Fall festival, just like we did last year. Except last year, our little munchkin was about 3 months old and was an Elliephant. 

Last year we pushed her around in the stroller and people ooh'd and aah'd over her and then we went home.

This year... she's 15 months old... and she's walking.


She is everywhere. Homegirl ain't posin' for no photos. 

At the Fall festival, she waved at people and pet some ponies and some goats. She shared a cupcake with her daddy and took off running multiple times. She tried to climb into a jump-house inflatable thing with a bunch of 5 year olds. I pulled her away. She screamed. 

My girl was ready to party. 

Seriously though, it was so much fun. She had a head piece she was supposed to wear that had antennae but she wanted nothing to do with it. Sigh. 

I can't imagine how it will be next year when she can actually eat candy :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

One Night Before Bedtime

One night, I found this little girl in the utility room, peering in at the dryer, watching the clothes go round and round.

Then she toddled over to me, holding her bunny by the ears, and said "Hi, Mommy!"

The same bunny that her Aunt Jaclyn gave me when I was about 9 weeks pregnant.

We didn't even know if she was a boy or a girl. We hadn't even really announced it.

And here she is. In my laundry room. Holding her bunny. Saying "Hi, Mommy" and grabbing my face and kissing me.

And then my heart nearly explodes.

And the next morning, at 6:40am, she wakes up, hollering for "nummy nummy". And I walk in and ask her if she remembers that phase of her life when she slept till 8am for a few weeks. And then she laughed at me.

I'm just really thankful. 

That's all. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tis the Season to be Overwhelmed

It's late October. The calendar is filling up. The end of year tax bills are coming in. I'm getting catalogs in the mail that remind me that it's time to start Christmas shopping. The church Christmas program is in full swing when it comes to rehearsals and various time commitments. And also, I have a toddler who is walking now and is all over the place and this mama is tired.

At the same time, I love this time of year (mainly because of the big temperature drop) and I love Christmas music and wearing scarves. I love being with family. I love that this year Ellie will be able to experience Christmas a bit more. I love being with all of our nieces and nephews.  It's just getting to that point that is stressful.

So, today, I'm determined to make a list. A to-do list. I need to start Christmas shopping. We need to nail down travel details. We need to get our ducks in a row about childcare for Ellie while I'm in rehearsals all this time for the Christmas Celebration. Ever since Ellie has been in our lives, I have learned something about myself: LOGISTICS MAKE ME PANIC. As we have gotten used to the long car rides and packing all shapes and sizes of bags and portable food and snacks and diapers and wipes and socks and change of clothes and working with nap schedules and eating schedules, I can get myself ALL KINDS of worked up. Seriously. It's something I've got to calm down about. I get so worked up about the logistics of an event that I really can't enjoy the actual event.

Which is why my goal this year is to not panic and breathe and enjoy the holidays and all that goes along with it. I'll just try to be more proactive this year and less last minute.

I've even already purchased wrapping paper. See? ON TOP OF IT, Y'ALL.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Night Fun

Happy Friday, y'all.

It's been such a fun day. My darling Tiffany came out to visit for the day.... and then tonight me and Grantley decided to get ourselves a babysitter and get ourselves a date night!

Side note: It's so very surreal to have a sweet high school girl come over and babysit for us. I just remember being that girl for years and years, with my backpack in tow. I mean... how am I this old?

We went to see "Captain Phillips" tonight. DUDE. That movie is LEGIT. I was not expecting it to be that good. I mean, really. Really good. And intense. It was like a 2 hour panic attack but it was so good. Give Hanks an Oscar, pronto. Goodness gracious.

After dinner we went to Perry's for dessert and drinks. I sure did get myself a Creme Brulee. My heart is so happy. And now we are home, watching TV and in pajamas. Perfect Friday evening!

Also, this little pumpkin girl is 15 months old:

Ellie at 15 months:

Weight: 17lbs, 14oz. (8th percentile for weight)

Height: 30 inches

Favorite Foods: Pancakes, Bananas, Cinnamon Toast, Grapes, Yogurt, Chicken Nuggets

Least Favorite Foods: Vegetables of any kind

Favorite Books: Brown Bear Brown Bear, I Love You Through and Through, Octopus Opposites

Milestones: Walks about 25% of the time

Favorite Activities: Playing piano and playing xylophone, putting things inside boxes and bags, taking things out of boxes and bags. Going on walks, swinging.

Favorite Show: Bubble Guppies

Words: Uh Oh, Thank you, Mommy, Daddy, Puppy, Bubby Guppy, Yaaaaay Eh-ee! (Yay Ellie!), Ball, Nigh-Nigh (Night Night!), Bye bye, Dean, Pops, Lambie (her stuffed lamb), Hi, Nummy Nummy (food)

She's lots of fun right now and sings Jesus Loves Me and the Bubble Guppy theme song. Just craziness, I tell you!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Baby Steps

Well, it's October 6, 2013.

Today, Ellie Paige took her first steps! It was only a few, but she did it! I may or may not have burst into tears. And, he won't admit it, but Grant got a little teary as well. It was just so unexpected and we were so proud of her. We totally spazzed out like typical first time parents. We're absurd.

She's 14.5 months old. It was less than 5 steps, but she's on track to get herself walking around here in the not-too-distant future!

I think it must've been the weather. She feels like it's finally cool enough for her to put some effort into it. It's just been too hot to exert ourselves.

She's too old, y'all!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cause I Know Everyone Cares About My Dream Last Night

Last night I dreamed that I was back in my high school, wearing my letter jacket, walking into my English class to take a test. I was late, and everyone else was already seated quietly. I got out my piece of notebook paper and started to write my name. But I forgot what corner to put my name! And when I wrote my name, I wrote my married name so I had to erase it and change it back to my maiden name. I wrote "Jenny Martin" in perfect cursive.... but then I couldn't remember what went under that. The date? English IV? The name of my teacher?

Meanwhile, my teacher was reading off the questions... this was an oral test... and I had already missed the first 3 questions while I was paralyzed by my name and heading.

When I woke up, I was relieved to know it was all a dream... even though I am still in this very moment, this very awake moment, wishing I had known the first 3 questions and wondering how much of my grade this test was worth.

This got me thinking.... I think that the ages of 14-18 were not my best years to be a student. I think if I went back to high school right now, I would be a MUCH better student. I would do my homework and not be so lazy with stuff. I would still hate Science but I would pay more attention in certain subjects and I would be more organized. And I would not be so enthralled with boys. And I would not wear my hair in a ponytail EVERY. SINGLE. DANG. DAY.

Anyways, I have no interest in going back to school... I was just thinking about how much I've matured. (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA)

Right now we are sitting in the living room. I'm drinking coffee, and Ellie is enjoying a Saturday morning cartoon. She loves herself some Bubble Guppies, y'all. She sings the theme song all day, everyday. Proud, proud, proud.

Grant started his new job this week, and so far, he is loving it! He has joined a great company and we are very blessed and thankful for God's provision and his guidance. Grant had more than one offer and deciding which job to take was a little daunting. I know, I know... it's a good problem to have... but when you have 3 open doors and you have to walk through ONE of them, you might freeze in place for awhile like we did!

We went to our local county library this week for "Infant Time". Oh my gosh, y'all. It was so cute. And FREE. We sang songs and they blew bubbles and read books and Ellie was very happy with all of it. She was slightly disruptive. Not with crying or anything like that.... but whenever a song would end, Ellie would clap and yell, "Yaaaaayyy!!!!" Also, when the teacher blew bubbles, Ellie was crawling all over the floor trying to catch them all, then would look at me and say, "Mo! Mo!" (more). It's a shame she doesn't try to communicate her feelings and emotions.

It's been a good week around here. We are all healthy and happy. And, the weather people are saying that tomorrow we will have temperatures in the 50s and I just don't really know how to contain my joy about that. Just know that Ellie and I will be in full winter gear because I AM BEYOND TIRED OF THE SUMMER CLOTHING BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN WEARING IT SINCE APRIL.

Okay. Y'all have a great Saturday. I'm gonna go get out all my boots and sweaters.