Saturday, October 6, 2007

Picture Time!

Good morning ladies! It's a beautiful Saturday here in Baton Rouge. Grant thinks it's a PERFECT day to play golf, while I think it is a PERFECT day to get a pedicure! :) Opposites attract ya'll!

Last night we had a little date. We decided to try a new restaurant (well, new to us) called Mezza Luna. Not so good. But it wasn't our typical choice and we were proud that we tried something new!

I took a few pictures last night before we left the house.
Here is Moxie and Me, how precious is he??
Here is Moxie and his dad, who shortly after this picture was taken shaved all that scruff off of hsi face :)
And finally, here is the happy couple. I do love date nights with my husband!

Okay dear friends, I hope everyone has a great Saturday! Love to all!


  1. I wish i was going to get a pedicure with you!! Are you going to the "big idiot" plcae :) hahah!!

    Love you!!

  2. it is cute that you and Grant coordinated outfits for your date!!!

  3. so sweet! date night...what is that? esp with hunting season around the bend.

  4. Oh you 2 are SO CUTE!!!
    I love date nights with my hubby!!
    Much love,