Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Katie & Mo

So, as of today, Grant and I have been married for 10 months. (Woohoo!) And as of today, I have been living in Baton Rouge for just under 10 months. Baton Rouge is actually a cool city and we have met wonderful people here. I have to say though, I still get homesick and I miss my Texas alot. (How could you NOT miss Texas??). However, the Lord's most recent blessing in mine and Grant's life came in the form of a wonderful couple: Mo & Katie.

Mo & Katie go to our church, and they are in our Newlywed Sunday School class. They were married in February of 2006, and they are wonderful! They met while they were both living in St. Croix with their families back in highschool. (How cute is that!?) Mo's real name is Morris but he is Morris III and everyone calls him Mo. Sometimes I call him Moses. :)

Katie and I became super close over Gmail, believe it or not. Since we are in the same Sunday school class, we are on the same email list. For those of you who have gmail, you know that when someone in your address list is online, it tells you. There is a Gmail chat feature that is sorta like instant messaging, and basically, while we are both at work, we talk on gmail. the. whole. day. long. After weeks and weeks of talking on gmail and seeing each other at church, we decided we should get our hubbies together and we should all be b.f.f.

This is why we like Mo & Katie: They watch The Office as religiously as we do. They don't mind driving all the way out to the far far end of Baton Rouge to hang out with us. They make us laugh. One time I was at work, talking to Katie on gmail, and she typed: "Jen, I have a really really personal question to ask you. And if you don't feel comfortable answering it, I understand." I took a deep breath and typed: "It's okay, you can ask me anything".... There was a long pause and then she finally typed: "Did you like Hanson? And if you did, do you still?" I was rolling. She is so funny and we enjoy them so much! Also, Mo & Grant agree that rather than spending money on drapes and window treatments, we should put sheets of aluminum foil in our windows. Katie and I adamently disagree.

They have been a huge huge blessing in our lives and I just wanted to give the official blog shout out to our new friends!!

Here is Katie & Mo in the massage chairs at Brookstone in the mall.

Here is when I kicked Mo out of the massage chair.

We love you guys!!
Oh, by the way! I convinced Katie to get a blog!! Go say hi!!


  1. Oh there is nothing like the friends God gives you when you move to a new place. They look like such a sweet couple.
    Love ya,

  2. Well, Mo and Katie are adorable and sound like perfect friends.
    The pictures of your neices on halloween were also so funny. Every one of them made me smile.

    Friends and Family are huge parts of our lives. God has richly blessed you.

    Hope your weekend has been great!!
    I love it that you stop by my blog and commenting. THANK YOU!