Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Little of This, A Little of That...

Hi dear friends! It has been beautiful, gorgeous, perfect weather these past few days. It is not too cold, yet I can wear my new jacket. PERFECT!! God has been very generous with His beautiful weather!

Speaking of a new jacket, has anyone else been to that store Steve & Barry's? Over the weekend I was in Houston and went to see the Sarah Jessica Parker line. Bless that woman. She made an entire line of clothing that is not over $20.00! NOTHING! There was this fabulous black and white coat for $18! I got this precious black quilted jacket for $14.98. I am so thankful for Sarah Jessica Parker. I recently found out that there is a Steve & Barry's here in Baton Rouge as well. I think I will do alot of Christmas shopping there.

Okay, so my goal is to buy atleast 5 Christmas presents this weekend. I learned from my sister Jaclyn that it is much better to spend alot of money on Christmas presents over the course of several months than wait until December 10 and spend $1000 all at once!! Spread it out over several paychecks!!

So I had a wonderful time in Texas. You can go to my sister, Jaclyn's blog, and see some precious pictures of us with her Grace Parker at the punkin patch! I love being Aunt Jenny! Now if I can only see my twins sometime soon I will be in Aunt heaven!

So tonight we are going to our couples Bible study, and I think this weekend I want to go see that new Steve Carell movie "Dan in Real Life". It looks cute. Has anyone heard anything about it?

Last night me and Grant took the dog out for a walk. It was crisp and I put on my Texas A&M sweatshirt, and Grant was wearing a beanie. I think he was going a little far. We are not skiing! :) It was beautiful, we walked around the pond and the moon was full. I love walks with my husband. We have the best conversations. The Lord has blessed me beyond belief!

Alrighty ladies, have a wonderful wonderful Thursday!


  1. I LOVE Steve and Barry's! I'm currently wearing a pencil skirt and cropped peacoat from Bitten - I LOVE them. I also have two pairs of twill pants from there that were $15 each and way better quality than my Gap pants! Also check out Dear by Amanda Bynes - the thermal shirts are to die for, I have two and want them all!

  2. Where in Houston is Steve and Barry's? I am going to Houston this weekend and would LOVE to check it out!! Salem and my sister have been besties for forever....and now they are pregnant together!! :) About three months along. It is such a small world. I love moonlit walks!! How romantic! Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season EVER!!!! I love opening all my windows and lighting my pumpkin spice candle! Have a happy day!

  3. Umm...

    Steve and Barry's.

    Why have we NEVER talked about this?!?!

    I def. went there and got TWO peacoats for $30. $14.98 each. Oh my. It is a new love.

    LOVE YOU!!!

  4. SERIOUSLY a clothing line under 20 dollars I am going to have to google it and see if we have one near me. Or better yet while I am at my parents this weekend I will take the time to go shopping - fun!!
    Love ya,

  5. hey girl can we see some pics of the new clothes when you have time? I know I am being demanding.

  6. My daughter LOVES those clothes!

    Christmas shopping already? I wish I was the kind of person to do that, but nope! I don't get the spirit until at least December, then I stress myself out!
    I should learn from my younger siestas!

    I am glad you enjoy your walks with your husband!

    Angie xoxo