Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tall Black Boots

It's been a pretty non-eventful few days here. This week has been filled with working, sleeping, and watching my husband play a silly little game called Halo 3. I thought my husband was the only husband doing this, but no. Last night he was playing with FOUR other married men, all of which have a job to wake up to, yet they are all playing Halo 3. I am friends with a few of those ladies and we've discussed before that our husbands are using the tv too much :) I'm sure all of the wives are thinking the same thing I am though. Atleast I know I'm not alone.

I am ready for it to be cooler outside. I'm not quite ready for winter weather (not that Louisiana gets much of a winter) but I would like to retire my summer clothes. I have some sweaters I would like to wear. And my boots. And my denim jacket. The south does not get much of a fall, sometimes it seems that summer just turns directly into winter. Joanna (who lives in Montana) is beginning a full fledged winter up there! Sending you big warm hugs my precious friend!

So ladies, what are you looking forward to wearing again as the weather changes? :)


  1. i was preggo last winter so i am quite excited to wear my cute sweaters. Yay for Fall!

  2. I'm with you all the way Jen! Can't wait to put on my knee-length Black boots or my knee-length burgandy ones! I love autumn/Fall! x

  3. thank you for the personal shout out :)

    I love having winter clothes and really being able to wear them...what a thought :)

    I love you!!

  4. I am with you on the winter clothes. I am SO ready.

  5. I love wearing my jeans and a sweater!!!
    I can't wait of course it is still 80 degrees in GA but one day it will be cooler maybe in Jan ....

  6. Personally, I think one could easily gain a hatred for video game systems. My boyfriend isn't big into Halo--plus we don't have a PS3 much to his consternation--but he still manages to get a solid twenty hours a week in.

    But there's no time to wash dishes of course!