Saturday, October 27, 2007


What a cozy little weekend it has been! Last night we went to dinner and a movie with Mo & Katie. We ate at Logan's Roadhouse (ya'll, it is impossible to go there without scarfing down about 6 of those yummy rolls) and then we went to see "Dan in Real Life". We LOVED this movie!! I highly recommend it. It is funny and heartwarming and it is just good altogether! However, if you are a mega fan of "The Office", it is kinda hard to watch Steve Carell without thinking of him as Michael Scott. Other than that, it is a great movie!

This morning we slept in (Praise Jesus!) and then we met Mo & Katie at Chick-fil-A. Grant and Mo went to the gun range to shoot things. Katie and I went to Target. Katie and I had a MUCH better time, I promise you! And it was Katie's 2nd Target trip of the day! I bought oodles and oodles of make-up. Perhaps I should put my oodles of make-up in a caboodle! :) Haha, remember caboodles, girls?

This afternoon, after my trip to the happy place, Grant went to play golf and I came home, walked the dog in this GORGEOUS fall weather, and then I watched movies on the Hallmark channel, while my Moxie was sleeping right next to me. It was wonderful!! AND my dad sent us a package! I got this big tin of popcorn from the Popcorn Factory, full of popcorn (obviously) candy corn, chocolate cookies, and all that fun stuff! And the label said "This is for Jen, Grant can not have any. Love, Dad". :) Daddy is funny like that. I have been munching on the cheesy popcorn all evening.

When Grant came home he cooked us some dinner. He made steaks, corn on the cob, and green beans. Now, all of my besties know that Jen never eats anything green. BUT, I am trying to be more health conscious and I realize that I can plug my nose and get through a side item of vegetables. I ate the green beans! I just pretended it was cheesecake. A really, really, disgusting cheesecake.

Annnnnd Grant just beat me in a game of Scrabble. Even though I got 38 points with the word "Oxygen", he still beat me. HOW DO YOU BEAT OXYGEN!? That's okay though. Because he was the winner, he is now playing Halo 3 on the Xbox. I really wanted to come do a little blogging! So he can play that Xbox all he wants!

Anyhoo, I am just feeling really happy and thankful for this very relaxing weekend that the Lord has given to us! This morning, Grant and I were awake but still in bed (at 9:00!!) and we were cuddling and I said "I think this is why God made Saturdays". He just laughed at me!! :)

Thank you Lord, for the simplest of blessings! Oh, and I hope ya'll like the new layout :)


  1. i am still gripped over "cease striving" and can't stop thinking about that phrase---that's good! cause i need to cease striving...

    wonder where you find sjp line in fort worth?

    two of my most favorite things are popcorn and scrabble---i like you people! and great new look!

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

    And the SJP line of clothes- soooo jealous! She's beautiful and has such style, I'd be more than happy to wear her line of clothes, if only I could find them here in the UK! Glad you're having a great weekend hun! xxx

  3. I love weekends and totally agree that God made them to be spent just as you described!

    Your new layout looks great!