Monday, September 15, 2008

After Ike

I have time for a quick update...

Grant and I are currently staying with some friends in College Station. We stayed at my mom and dad's during the hurricane and for 2 days after that, and then we all decided that that was enough. :)

Praise the Lord that we are fine. My parent's home did not sustain any damage. Saturday Grant and I drove to our apartment and while much of the complex was pretty messed up, our apartment was fine. The recurring theme is no power, no water.

We were all prepared that we would have no electricity. But the water outtage came as somethine we were absolutely unprepared for. Plus, on Wednesday of last week, my sister and her husband left for a wedding out of town and left their twin girls at my mom and dads house.

1 hurricane, no lights, no A/C, one VERY loud generator, two potty training 2-year-olds, no water and NO FLUSHING TOILETS equals a very, very chaotic situation. Those baby girls did the best they could. They just kept saying that "evwee -ting at Gwammy's house is bwoken".

Due to the toilet situationa and the news that electricity could come back in "3 to 14 days"- we all high tailed it out of there.

It was a scary night though. It was some LOUD winds and trees snapping everywhere. My mom and I kept reminding ourselves to stop complaining because our home and our cars were not damaged and we are only inconvenieced in this situation.

My parents worked SO hard. My mom never stopped taking care of those baby girls and trying to keep our house in order. I know that she is absolutely exhausted and she still stayed a loving Grammy during the whole thing.... and also making sure everyone had something to eat.

And ohhh my daddy. My dad was outside for 48 hours in a row it seemed, taking care of the generators, moving stuff out of the yard, trying to get our well up in running again so we could flush toilets, and just taking care of his family. My parents are my heroes!

And as for Mr. Husband, I'm pretty proud of that one too. He was such a great help wherever he could be and spent about 3 hours in my parent's front yard yesterday cleaning up debris. We are SO thankful to be in College Station. Since we had a generator at my mom and dad's house, we were able to plug in a fan but they were only running downstairs, so the two of us and Moxie slept on a mattress on my mom and dad's living room floor. It was camping indeed.

Thank you so much for your prayers for us. The Lord protected us and we are so grateful. We are waiting to hear about work and if our offices are open. Please pray that the lights and water come back on in our apartment BEFORE our offices re-open. I just can't go back to work without showering! :)

Love you sweet friends....


  1. Oh My!!
    That does sound very interesting to say the least!
    I have been praying for ya'll like crazy!!
    Surely they will not make you guys go back to work yet - will they?

    Keep us updated

  2. I'm so glad you are all safe, I've been praying lots too, and will keep doing so :)

    Did Moxie get scared at the loud winds? My parents'dog hates storms and needs constant hugs throughout!