Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello Ike

Well, I guess I should get right to it, since it looks like I will be without power this weekend due to a big boy named IKE. Houston is supposed to get the "dirty side of the storm".... i.e. flooding and wind and ALOT of rain. Makes me kinda nervous... because it does not take a hurricane for Houston to flood. If it rains 3 days in a row, parts of H-town will start to retain water, so this could be UGLY. We are still kinda up in the air about where we are going.... but I am praying that it has FOOD. Cause there is nothing else in any of the groceries store here, ya'll!

But on a happier note, last night I got to spend time with my Pre-K choir at church. We were singing songs about what we were thankful for. We asked each child to say something they were thankful for. Here were a few of my faves:

1. "I am thankful for the T-Rex".

2. "I am thankful that my sister got a spankin this morning"

3. "I am thankful the God did not let Bob and Spot die" (Who are Bob and Spot? asks Mrs. Jenny) "Bob and Spot are my Guinea Pigs"

4. "I am thankful for my shoes" (ME TOO says Mrs. Jenny)

5. "I am thankful for the blessings that we cannot see" - says FOUR YEAR OLD JACOB. Okay, little seminary boy!

6. "I am thankful for my friend Chrissy because she has a zip line"

7. "I am thankful for Dora"

8. "I am thankful for toys"

9. "I am thankful for my mommy cause she's so nice"

10. "I am thankful for my daddy's face" (I thought that one was super cute!)

So that was a fun night!

Tonight we are going to the Eagles Concert.... SO EXCITED!

I am currently watching the morning news and it appears that they think we should all start heading out ASAP, and I may mention that to my bosses this morning. Let's see if they agree! :)

Pray for safety for everyone along the Texas coast, and also pray for my dear friend Claire's sister Bonnie, her wedding is on Saturday and that is right in the middle of BAD BAD weather.

I will miss all of you, as well as my electricity.


  1. I am praying for you sweet Jen!
    I love those kid sayings - so sweet!
    Love ya

  2. Those children sound like so much fun!! They're blessedc to have such a sweet leader ;-)

    Have an awesome time at your concert tonight, and I really hope (for the sake of my nosiness) that your electricity won't be off for too long,I want to hear how much fun you have tonight!!


  3. Thanks for the prayers for Bonnie's wedding, I just saw your post, cause I'm just now borrowing someone's internet :) The wedding is set for this weekend now, weather permitting...