Monday, September 22, 2008

Best and Worst

For the record, everything that was on my to-do list in my previous post was accomplished this weekend. But let's get to the heart of this post, the really important things. Any by "important things", I mean Jen's Best and Worst Dressed- Emmy's 2008. This is serious stuff people.
Let's get right to it. And if you disagree with me then that is fine but this is my blog. So there.
Kyra Sedgwick: Best
I think she is just adorable and looks altogether lovely. I love her hair. She is also very age appropriate and I always wonder if she and her husband Kevin Bacon do the dance from Footloose when they are bored at home.
Marcia Cross: Worst
No, no, no. Typically Marcia Cross understands that red heads need to wear jewel tones and not pale pinks that wash you out. The length of this dress is wrong. The color is wrong. I did not know she was a ballerina.

Christina Applegate: Best

I don't know that I would wear this dress, but I really think it is gorgeous and looks very Hollywood glamorous. I can't decide though if the fabric looks like curtains. In any case, I like it.

Debra Messing: Best
The dress isn't all that jaw dropping, but I just love her. Love her, love her, love her.

Eva Longoria Parker: Worst
Eva usually looks awesome. But last night, there was just something off. I don't think it is the dress that I dislike so much, it is the hair and makeup. The slicked back raccoon look does nothing for her. Loving the shoes though.

Hayden Panetierre: Best

This girl is just a bit too pretty for me. She is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE the beading on this gown. Hard to believe she was that cutie patootie from "Remember the Titans".

Jenna Fischer: My Favorite
For many reasons. First of all because I love her and I love Pam Beesley ( her character). I love her hair and I want mine to look like that. I LOVE the colors in her dress (I couldn't find a full length pic to show you) but it was full length and fun and pretty. Love her.

Sadly, I really didn't enjoy the actual Emmy awards this year. I got annoyed that every single speech included a political message of some kind. Annoying. I did, however, enjoy Josh Groban's performance. He is mega talented and he was a nice break from all the references to the election.

Please comment, even if you disagree with some of my best and worst. :)


  1. I MISSED IT! I was watching a movie with Ethan and I totally forgot it was Emmy night! Thanks for the dress update. The clothes are my favorite part too. I just hit mute when the speeches start!;) Btw, I had the most hilarious conversation with your Mom at church yesterday. She told me some tales girl! I just love her. (and you too of course!)
    Have a good day.

  2. Jen,
    I totally missed the entrances which I think is always the best part. I totally agree with you on the best/worst list
    And when I did watch the Emmys I was totally bored and the dude that got the award for comedy writing -that smothers brother guy- I was annoyed by him. Yeah the political undertones were uncalled for and stupid
    I stopped watching that and turned it over to House Hunters - I love that show :)
    Have a great day

  3. Ooooh I totally agree Jen, looks like a bad-dress night for the desperate housewife girlies!!

    Kyra looked loverly! :)

  4. I watched bits and pieces of it...I was flipping back and forth between that and COwboys game! :)

    Anyway, I agreed with you 100%. I got a little teary looking at Christina Applegate. She looked beautiful.


  5. Oh My word, girl, you crack me up. the Kevin Bacon footloose comment sent me over the edge to laughing outl loud at my desk here at work. (um...not that I am blogging at work)


  6. first of all- LOVE Josh Groban. LOVE. Taylor thinks that is totally weird of me. But really. Groban is amazing.

    I also love that you follow Hollywood redheads. Debra Messing is gorgeous. and so are YOU!

    Eva Longoria looks like a present. seriously. what in the world?