Sunday, September 7, 2008


Grant called me at lunch Friday and asked if I had made plans for us yet for that evening. As soon as I said "No", he said "Great! I'm taking you on a date tonight!". It wasn't until we were almost to the Woodlands Pavillion that I realized where we were going!

The Woodlands Pavillion was the location of our first date. And also, since it was a blind date, it was the first time I had ever even met my husband. The Pavillion is a large concert venue. There are seats, but also, there is a large lawn where you can lay down a blanket and listen to the concert. I love sitting on the lawn. It is a very relaxed atmosphere, and you can still have a conversation with the people around you. On our first date, we went to a John Mayer concert. Grant and I are both big fans and we had a blast that night. It was a HOT night that July 24, and we bought some of those Lemon-Ice things to cool us down. We sat on a red sleeping bag and Grant held my hand. Such great memories.

So this Friday night we headed back to the pavillion. We even sat on the same red sleeping bag. The bands were no one that I am super into, (Augustana, Counting Crows and Maroon Five) but it was a great evening nevertheless. My favorite part was that it was actually breezy and cool outside. It was a lovely evening and it was clear and the stars were out. We had a wonderful time!

Yesterday morning, we went over to help paint the inside of my Mamaw's garage. My Mamaw's house has been on the market for quite sometime now and will not sell!! (If anyone is looking for a home near Old Town Spring, have we got a deal for you!!!) So we are continuing to do some touch ups there and my mom and Mamaw as well as two great guys from church were there getting some stuff done. I was covered in paint and ruined a pair of jeans. Thankfully they are light wash that I don't wear very often! We got home from Mamaw's and I took a nap and cleaned the house and Grant played golf and we took the dog on a walk and I cooked Jambalaya. What a wonderful Saturday!

It has been a wonderful weekend. From singing in the choir for the first time in the NEW sanctuary, to enjoying a nice walk with my husband and my puppy this afternoon, and saving a ton of money in groceries from all the coupons I clipped today (yes, I have become one of those people), it has been a great day today too.

God is so good. In church this morning, I felt Him in that room. I got a little bit emotional during the song "In Christ Alone". It gets me everytime. When we sang the verse about Jesus being in the tomb and coming back to life... when we sang the lyrics, "Then bursting forth in glorious day, Up from the grave He rose again", the entire congregation started cheering. It was such a great moment and it is one of my favorite things about worship.

I'm off to finish off this wonderful weekend by finishing this meal I'm cooking and folding laundry! :)

Love you friends. I hope your week is great!


  1. What a FUN weekend!!!!

    I thought about ya'lls first date this weekend... John and I were eating some jap food and sweet John came on "say what you need to say"...of course i thought of you and John Mayer Woodlands Pav.! Bless it :)

    I love you!!!! I am dying for a phone date... i miss you so much!!!
    Give Grant a hug :)

    Love you honey bun!!!

  2. so glad you had such a great weekend!
    By the way, I recently became a coupon person too. I was reading some blogs and some of these woman are die-hard serious. Coupon cutting is like a full time job for them. One lady bought $130 worth of groceries for $22!!!
    I want to be like that, but I just don't think I have it in me.
    Love you!

  3. What an awesome man you have!!!

    Hope you have a great week too.

  4. Awww Glad you've had such a great weekend! Grant is just super sweet- that date sounds like the best! And I sooo dig maroon 5! Seriously a little bit green here! :)