Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Johnny Depp Tank Tops

Okay, so here's what's on my mind. I know that the Lord created me. I know that He made me just the way HE wanted me to be. Physically, emotionally, etc. But last night I got a little bit frustrated.

It's summer time. Honestly, it's not my favorite time of year clothing wise. Let me explain. Summer means people are wearing shorts or skirts more often. While I love skirts and shorts, I do not love the way I look in them. Currently, there are 2 styles of shorts in the market. Short Short Short booty shorts that I refuse to wear, or Bermuda shorts. I think bermuda shorts are adorable. Adorable on Lindsee. Not on me. Someone like me who is short and squatty cannot wear bermuda shorts. Besides the length of shorts, I also happen to have legs the color of Elmer's glue. This is not my favorite season.

Summer also means tank tops. I love tank tops! Who doesn't!? I like certain kinds of tank tops. The ones with thick straps. And thicker material. And ones that aren't so tight that I can't breathe. I went to Target yesterday and the only tank top that fit me correctly had Johnny Depp on it. I am not wearing a tank top with Johnny Depp on it.

And alas, the cherry on top, the swimsuit. There is nothing more depressing or discouraging than trying on over a dozen swimsuits and none of them looking good on you. I have a strange body type. I am petite in every area but one, and I think you all know what area I am talking about. I want to look classy and modest, but still look cute. Apparently that doesn't work for me. Yesterday Grant and I went to Dillards, Target, Old Navy and Academy. Yes, Academy. Don't laugh. No swimsuits for me. Nothing FITS!! Plus it seems this year that every single style, including the tankinis have the v-neck line. I can only wear suits that are straight-across.

I'm so frustrated. I am going to Disney World Friday and it looks like I won't have a new suit. I need to keep looking but I am running out of time.

I know that God has wonderful plans for me and I need to respect my body, but I truly prefer winter when I can wear jeans and cute comfy sweaters and look like everyone else.

Sorry for that rant.... :) Have a good day everybody!


  1. Oh, my precious one!! I hope you know that you ARE absolutely beautiful!! You're right, he created YOU perfect in his sight!!!

    I love you, and really do hope (and pray!) that you find some precious shorts, tanks and a swimsuit. And no, I would not wear Johnny Depp either. I don't even think he's cute.

    I will tell you, Old Navy and JC Penny had a good variety of shorts, you should try there. And, TJ Maxx has had a good variety of swim suits lately!!

    Okay, I love you. I hope you have fun at Disney World. I know you will!!! :) Wish I could go to the happiest place on earth!

  2. Pretty Lady :)
    Don't be overwhelmed, i believe the Lord is going to provide..even if it means with shopping :) because we all know our God has himself a sense of humor!! AMEN!!!
    You're just wonderful in everyway!! Where in the world would i be without my brown eyed girl?? LOST AS A GOOSE!!!
    Speak truth over yourself!! Don't let satan have your JOY over something JESUS is BIG enough to HANDLE!!!
    Now get to the mall quickly :) I wish i could wiggle my nose and be there to help you!!
    I love you!