Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things I've Learned in 8 Months

Thursday will mark 8 months since Grant and I have been married. (WOO HOO!) Honestly, 8 months has flown by. However, I have learned alot about myself in these 8 months, and I've also learned alot about Grant......

1. Don't move your feet when you are in bed. Husband will find it terribly difficult to fall asleep while your feet are moving.

2. If you are craving something for dinner, it's usually bland, and most likely your husband is craving something very spicy and difficult to make.

3. Husband will watch Oprah with you if you fast forward to the good parts.

4. Husband is never on time. Never early. 9 out of 10 times you will be 10-15 minutes late. This drives wife CRAZY.

6. When your sweet husband offers to do the laundry, don't get so excited. This usually means that he is going to do a load of his own clothes, not including yours. When you wake up the next day and realize you have nothing to wear, he will say "I don't know how to do your laundry".

7. The best time to cuddle is in the morning.

8. Keep Chips Ahoy in the pantry at all times.

9. It is important to have all of husband's family and friends birthdays listed on a calendar. Sometime during the day, call husband and say "It's __________'s birthday today. Call him/her".

10. When walking into a room of people you have only met once or twice, stop and have a review/quiz to help husband remember names of everyone and which couples go together. (Example: Tom goes with ______)

11. Do not make the bed with a cellphone buried underneath the sheets.

12. Make sure you turn off lights in the house. Nothing irritates husband more than a brightly lit room with not a soul inside of it.

13. Do not eat everytime husband eats. You will get fat.

14. Don't expect to watch High School Musical 2 while husband is home. He will throw up. Wait till he leaves to play golf. Then close all the blinds and watch with glee.

15. When renting movies at Blockbuster, prepare yourself to get two.

16. When eating popcorn at the movies, ask for a 2nd bag since husband will saturate the popcorn with nasty melted butter. When eating popcorn at home, get your own bowl since husband will pour spicy creole cajun seasoning (aka Tony's) onto popcorn. This may induce vomiting.

17. When watching golf for 3 hours, try to focus on the positive. Some of those men aren't too bad looking. Also, Tiger Woods will get all teary from time to time. It's quite the Oprah moment.

18. Husband will toss green bell peppers into spaghetti sauce when you are not looking. Eeeew.

19. Sometimes, when you least expect it, husband does something very romantic and wonderful, like bring home Chick-fil-A.

20. When frustrated, go to Target. It heals you. When husband is frustrated, he goes to Best Buy. This is a much more expensive healing place.


  1. That was too cute! Congratulations on eight months of marriage! I know you will have many, many more!


  2. Hi Jen, I followed a link from 'holding little hands', hope you don't mind me stopping by! I've been married just over a year now, and stll refer to myself as 'newlywed'! Your post here totally made me laugh out loud, my hubby only ever does his own laundry and his hugs are way better in the morning, though I'm not fussy I'll hug at any time!

    Nat xxx

  3. that's hilarious! It's amazing the things you learn once married, eh?

  4. First,congrats on 8 months! Second, Sally and I enjoyed and laughed a lot - thanks! :)

  5. Wow. You just got a comment from Jon. Your post must have been REALLY funny.

    Love you! ~ Sal