Monday, November 19, 2007

Sweet Emotion

I have come to realize that I am really really bad at taking pictures. Well, let me clarify: I am really really bad at getting my camera out of my purse to take pictures. I was in Houston all weekend for Laura's wedding, and I think I took about 2 pictures. I am awful. I think some of the other bridesmaids are going to email some out, so if I get any good ones I will post them here! It was a wonderful weekend and a wonderful wedding. Laura looked beautiful and everything was just gorgeous!

I got to spend alot of time with my mom, Jaclyn and Grace Parker. That child is beyond adorable. I mean it. She is smiley and cuddly and she loves to snuggle. She spent some time snuggling with me on Saturday morning and we just had a ball.

So, Grant and I have been living in Baton Rouge for almost a year now. I have gotten quite settled and have made lots of friends. I love my church and my job and I am quite happy. It was so so weird though yesterday, when we were leaving Houston, I got all emotional in the car! I mean we have made this trip so many times and I have never done that, but I just felt so sad when we were leaving. I think it was a little weird because Lindsee was not home and I haven't seen her or Jo in months, and Sally is in North Africa now and everything is just changing. I won't be in Houston for Thanksgiving this year and we will have a shorter Christmas. I have always had a hard time adjusting to changes and I guess this is just one of those times. So weird though.

So I missed 2 days of work last week for the wedding, and because of Thanksgiving, this week will only be a 3 day work week. For this, I am very very thankful! I am really looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with Grant's family. It's my first holiday with his family and I am very happy to be "initiated!"

Okay ladies, you can't forget! TONIGHT IS THE FINALE OF THE BACHELOR! Tonight he makes his choice! Katie and Mo are coming over tonight to have a Bachelor Finale Party. It will be hoppin'. And by "hoppin'" I mean that Katie and I will be watching the Bachelor on the small tv in the guest room while the boys play Halo in the living room. Drop it like it's hot.


  1. I love you Jennifer Dawn!! I know the feeling oh so well of being emotional when driving off!
    In the midist of change...i am blessed that we remain :) it rhymed!!

    Good day to you mam!!

  2. You crack me up!!

    I know what you mean about change. I don't know if we ever get used to it. We can handle it better. Sometimes not though. I am glad your weekend was fun though.

    And, yes ma'am. I'll be watching the Bachelor finale tonight too. I expect a full report on what you thought tomorrow! :)

    Blessings my friend,

  3. Drop it like it's hot!! You are HIIIIILarious!! Oh I can't wait!! And don't cry my friend - your home will always be there and your family and friends miss you just as much as you miss them for sure!! Love you!!

  4. Ok girl...let us have it!! I want a post on that horrible ending of the Bachelor last night. It gets my blood boiling every time I think about it. Im dying to know what you thought. I was just in shock. I told my husband...."Well, thats just the stupidest thing I've ever seen!" And....then I got mad. And, then I just felt sooooooo sorry for those girls.

    Whatever. whatever. whatever!!!