Thursday, December 13, 2007


Good evening sweet friends! I must say that I have much more free time on Thursday nights thanks to the Writer's Strike. No Grey's Anatomy and No Office = No fun.

My car was in the shop today. The brakes have been pretty musical the last few weeks. The only way I can describe the sound they were making is a wicked old witch melting in a big kettle of boiling oil. That's the sound.

So I take my car to the shop this morning. Upton is the man helping me. I've never met a man named Upton before. I did pretend to read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair in highschool though. I totally used Cliffnotes on that one. Holla!

Anyways, so when Upton asks for a number he can call me at, I gave him husband's number. (Honestly, if he were to call me and tell me anything, I'd have to call Grant and run it by him and Lord knows I would forget everything he just told me anyway). My darling co-worker picked me up at the shop on the way to work and I went on with my merry morning. (Not a merry Christmas morning, however, since it was 80 degreess!!!!)

So Grant calls around 1ish, says that Upton has found the problem with the brakes and they are fixing it. However, Upton also informs Grant that there are other things wrong with my car. He proceeds to list about 9 things that need to be fixed. Sweet darling husband asked sweet darling Upton how much all this was going to cost us during this sweet darling Christmas season. Upton casually says "$870".

Now, this is why I love my husband. He had the following conversation:

Husband: Upton?

Upton: Yes sir.

Husband: I need you to do me a favor.

Upton: Yes sir.

Husband: I need you to pick the three most important things on that list.

Upton: Okay.

Husband: How much do the three most important things cost?

Upton: Around $340.

Husband: Now we're talking! Those are what we are doing today. Okay?

Upton: Okay.

:) My precious beyond precious sister in law picked me up from work and took me to get the car from Upton. I must admit, my very favorite part of this entire process is the fact that they cleaned my car all pretty. They detailed the inside and got all the food crumbs out of all the cracks in the leather. And for that I am truly grateful.

I wrapped all the presents tonight for our Christmas weekend with Grant's family. We are leaving tomorrow and I am very excited for my first Christmas with them! How wonderful that Grant & I are FINALLY spending our first Christmas in the same state! Hallelujah and amen!


  1. bOh UPTON, how i feel like i know you but really just your name :)

    Thank you for the debrief!!! I always love a good story from JD!!

    Have a fun time this weekend!! Just leave the dirt cake at home ok...hahahah!

    I love you oodles and i CANNOT wait to hug your neck!!

  2. please remove the "b" before upton...

  3. Jen,
    We needed to get our rather new car inspected…emergency brakes not holding…verdict - $840…LIKE YOURS they found a few other things wrong like carbon emissions, ETC.…BUT I AM OFFENDED I DID NOT GET MY CAR DETAILED FOR $840…NOPE, I GOT THE SAME CRUMBS BACK…Came home and guess what…no hot water…verdict: $200…better quit here….hope you have a very Texas Merry Christmas darling! Loved the picture of you and your husband!