Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!


Oh how I love my sister... Let me count the ways....

1. I love your dark hair and dark eyes.

2. I love the way you clap your hands when you get excited.

3. I love the way you love your husband. It has been such a beautiful example for me to watch and learn from.

4. I love to see you be a mommy. I feel like you've been a mommy since you were twelve. You always took such great care of me and I knew that you would be amazing mother, and I am SO right!

5. I love the way you dress up baby Grace.

6. I love your voice. It is so sweet!

7. I love your laugh. I love when we get laughing really hard how you start crying. I remember a specific incident where we were both dying in mom's kitchen and you had to sit down on the floor you were laughing so hard. I was laughing more because watching you was hysterical.

8. I LOVE that when we were little you couldn't say your "R's".

9. I love the way that while watching American Idol in two different states, you will call me, I answer, we don't say any words to each other, we just laugh for 30 seconds and then one of us says "OKAY BYE!" And then we hang up.

10. I love how even though we haven't lived in the same place for 8 years now, we are still as close as ever.

So Happy happy birthday to a beautiful sister who brings SO much joy to my heart! (By the way, I am bringing your gift next weekend. Consider this your birthday card!)


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  1. ok...i thought i would actually put makeup on today. It is 7:41am and I already cried it off! Thank you sweet sister! This made my day! You make me smile everyday. I love you!!!!