Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting My Attention

I have been sick the last few days. Louisiana has had a virus floating around from person to person and I was one of the lucky ones to get it! I was just starting to feel almost back to normal from the wisdom teeth extravaganza, and then this little illness came in for a visit. Lovely.

Basically it was sore throat, coughing, and MAJOR sinus issues. Also I lost my voice really bad. I went in to work on Monday (bad idea) and I took the day off yesterday. I went to the doctor, who perscribed me all kinds of happy pills AND gave me a cortisone shot. I am not a huge fan of shots, however, I will say that over the years the cortisone shot has become one of my dearest friends.

Through my years of allergy crud, Cortisone pulled me out of many a horrible situation and restored my voice to 100%. My doctor looked at me kinda puzzled when I said "YAY!". I already feel SO much better and am so thankful for cortisone!

Last night Grant and I had a nice little evening at home. I made Crispy BBQ Pork Chops and they were YUMMY. We watched American Idol and Grant played guitar and it was just a nice evening. I feel like I had a VERY restful day yesterday. Praise the Lord!

Anyways, I am back at work today, feeling about 85% normal and functioning much better than I was yesterday. I went around the office this morning with lysol disinfecting wipes and wiped down all the phones and the copy machine and door handles, etc. I was the 3rd person in this office to have this little virus and I don't want it to keep spreading!

Something interesting that happened to me this morning.... for Christmas, something my mom put in our stocking was this daily prayer book by Beth Moore. For every day of the year there is a small prayer, maybe 2 or 3 paragraphs long that you can just read and pray throughout the day. There are scripture verses in there and it has been so so nice for me to do that every morning as I am getting ready for work.

Well, this morning I was running a little late, and I went to my nightstand to get the book and I started thinking to myself "I don't know, maybe I should just read it when I get home, I am pretty late". So I put the book down on the nightstand, and I saw the back cover for the first time. In large letters it said "Beloved, you are never wasting time when you are in the Word of God". OKAY! I AM READING IT NOW! And of course, it took me all of 2 minutes to read through it and I am SO glad I did. Talk about getting your attention!


  1. Jen
    Oh NO!! I am glad you are feeling better though!
    Get some rest my sweet siesta!
    Love ya,

  2. So sorry to hear you're sick! I didn't even know! Hope you are up to 100% by tomorrow.

  3. We have had that same nasty virus crud horrible thing and I truly hope you move past it QUICKLY!

    Happy Friday!

  4. Sweet Bessie!!!!!
    I thought i had commented on this post...and here i have been waiting and waiting for a new update...
    I am glad you're feeling better! And it soothes my soul to know we both have scary coughs...even thougt i sound way more "MANLY" than you ;)
    I love you precious friend! Our chats make my whole entire day...even if its almost over!!!

    Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!