Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moxie Update!


Your prayers worked, my friends!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Shortly after I posted this morning's prayer request, Grant went to the pet hospital to check on our little guy. The barium they gave Moxie suddenly started getting into his large intestines... they think the amount of the barium flushed the obstruction out. He is home with us now and he is very tired. His little paw is all bandaged up from the IV and he is kinda loopy.

And to give God a little more glory, our brand new veterinarian (who we LOVE!!!!) took $500 off of our bill! He said that he took far more x-rays than necessary because he felt so bad for us, and that he wasn't going to charge us for all of that! LOVE HIM! Thank you LORD!!

So anyways, we are having some great family time here at home. It is our first night for us all to be together in over a week. When I got back from Vegas, Grant was in Tulsa on a business trip and when he came home Moxie was in the hospital.

Also, is anyone else a little dissapointed that Jim didn't propose to Pam?!?


  1. So glad your puppy is ok. Bailey was sick recently and we about lost our minds over it! And we have 4 kids! Special love for the dogs! If Pam goes to art school and she and Jim break up I am not watching anymore! Hey, I saw your Mom and Dad at lunch with hubby yesterday. They are so great...

  2. Yay! I'm so glad your precious pup is okay. I know how it feels to have a sick dog. It's not a pleasant experience!

    You'll have to Facebook me the name of your new vet. We're looking for one to take Toby to since he's almost out of his heartworm prevention medicine. Maybe your vet isn't far from where we live. :)

    It seems like your new life in Houston is going well so far. Let's try to get together sometime soon!

  3. YEAH!! So happy for ya. Y'all just have a great weekend and I hope that precious Moxie is good as gold! :)


  4. OH I am so happy MOxie is back home - thank you Lord!
    And I was disappointed with The Office last night - it was not that funny and to not have Jim propose was a bummer!

  5. so glad you have your little biddy back home.
    yes...i am sa sad about jim and pam. come on people!

  6. Hey Jen, Beth here. I'm a friend of Nat's and I must admitt that I've been lurking on your blog for quite some time now. I hope you don't mind? The most memorable part of your blog has got to be your wedding video... I sobbed; it was so touching, I felt so overwhelmed when watching it!! Anyway I hope you don't mind that I have stopped by, so to speak, I also hope you don't mind that I stop by again! Blessings from a fellow blogger!