Thursday, October 23, 2008


I very much enjoyed your responses to last post's "Talk to Me". I must say, the prize definitely goes to Cristina! What a thoughtful husband she has! Jaclyn and I were thinking that maybe Cristina might tell us where her husband bought such a thoughtful gift? Because maybe we want to steal his idea and give something like that to someone else........ pretty pretty please, dear Cristina? :)

I would have to say that the best gift I have ever received (besides my engagement ring) would have to be my first car. Too bad I totalled it by hitting a stationary object.... sorry, Daddy. That is another story for another day...... or maybe NEVER! :)

Today was a GREAT day, largely due to the fact that I did NOT go to work today... and for this I am very thankful. We are taking one day off every other week due to the economic crisis, and I opted to take today off. Best decision I've made all week! I got to see some of my favorite people today.... Lindsee, Claire, Miss Grace Parker, my mom, my dad, my cousin Joey, Troy (who has done my hair forever), Mama Eddy and our dear DANA!! :) It was such a fun day. While Lindsee, Claire and I were eating at Olive Garden, I found myself wishing that I could be a stay at home wife and eat at Olive Garden with the girls all the time!

I DID get highlights today!!! This was a big step for me. I put my hair in the hands of Troy, who always does EXACTLY what I want him to do... and I am loving what he did with the color! It is VERY subtle. I'm pretty sure that people who do not know me would not realize that they were highlights. He put some beautiful golds in my hair that really have a vibrant tone. I am pleased and can no longer say that I am the only woman in Texas that has never put any color in her hair! I am glad that my hair looks like it did before... it is still red, just a bit golder red. Is golder a word? More gold? Can someone help me out?

Grant has been out all evening at a concert... I have been lounging, reading Southern Accents and cleaning my kitchen counters. It's been a good night! It was so pretty and crisp out this evening when I took Moxie out for his walk that I almost took the long way home! I decided not to though since it is night time and we have some shady neighbors and Grant is out late. Now Mr. Moxie is sleeping by my feet as I am blogging to you sweet folks!

Tomorrow is back to work... but thankfully it is FRIDAY! :)

Talk to Me: What is somewhere you have always wanted to visit but never have?


  1. Greece! I would LOVE to go to GREECE!

    On ather note, I would also love to go to lunch with you, Lindsee, and Jo:). I'll be in Houston Dec. 6th-10th....can we make this happen? I would do Olive Garden or Chipotle or Chuy's or Freebirds and La Madalen...ohhh there is so much good food in Houston...I'm salivating! But I would LOVE to see you sweet girls...or we could dinner...or brunch...I don't care:)


  2. Jo won't be in Houston then huh?

  3. wow, thanks for the sweet words...hubby wants me to say, "yes, i do win the prize, he's the best." did i mention he's also humble & modest? :)

    as for the mug...he had to pull some strings with a printing company to get a "sample" (perhaps "proof" would be a better term) order of SIX mugs...since typically minimum orders for personalized stuff like that is a larger number (50?).

    so i keep two in the cabinet and have back-ups in case i ever break one. :)

    sorry i wasn't much help.

    perhaps arts of glaze on louetta & grant--you can paint your own mug (or dish or vase or whatever ceramic) and they fire glaze it for you. ladies' night is the fourth thursday and you get a discount. (10% i think.)