Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Been a Weird Day

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I told Grant that my throat was hurting pretty bad. I took some Tylenol Nighttime Cold medicine and headed to bed immediately. I had ALOT to get done at work today and knew that I had to go.

It was a rough night. I woke up several times an hour and my throat was getting worse and worse. My glands were swollen and I had a horrible headache. I got up in the middle of the night to take some more tylenol but nothing really worked.

My alarm went off at 6:15. I felt like I had been hit by a truck but decided to go ahead and get in the shower and head on to work.

I was in the shower and started to feel queasy, like I may get sick. And then I did.... (nice image there for ya) and then I felt better. I was beginnning to think that maybe I shouldn't go to work, and those feelings were confirmed when I fainted in the shower.

Grant was still in bed and he said that he heard me say "oh...." and then he said it was just really loud. I fainted and I knocked all of our toiletries down as I fell. That bottle of Tea Tree conditioner never knew what hit it. Grant said I was paler than he has ever seen me, and I must say that that is quite an accomplishment.

I went to the doctor this morning. My mom picked me up and took me cause I didn't feel comfortable driving after fainting. They ran an EKG, a pregnancy test (that was a nerve wracking few minutes), a blood sugar test, a strep test and they also drew blood cause they think I might be anemic. I will get the results of the anemia test later in the week. (But, for the record, not pregnant, no strep, blood sugar normal.... however my heart rate was a bit elevated.) After the doctor, I went to my mom's house were I laid in her bed and she brought me drinks with the bendy straws and chicken and stars soup. I found myself wondering when I digressed back to 5th grade. :) Thanks mom, for taking such good care of me.

I am feeling a bit better tonight... I don't feel like my glands are as swollen as they were and my fever has gone way down....

It's been a weird day....


  1. i was wondering if you got the bendy are so lucky :)
    I am sorry you had such a hard day...thank God Grant was still home!!
    love you sister....

  2. oh, my! glad you're feeling well enough to post an update. i pray you are feeling better soon and that they figure out what happened.

    bet you're glad you're living near your mom. :)

  3. OK WEIRD! That was my night last night...same symptoms... well i didn't get sick of faint!!
    I can't decide how i feel this morning.. i am going to work!!

    I am glad you feel better sweet girl!!! Praise the good Lord for moms... seriously what would we do without them... if mine just lived a tad closer :)

    I love you dear one!!

  4. Moms are so good. My mom came all the way out to Florida to take care of me while me and the girls had a cold!!

    We are spoiled by some sweet mamas!!

    Hope you heal quickly!

  5. Oh HONEY!!! You poor thing! I am so glad Grant was there, but what is up with y'all passing out in bathrooms!? Well at least there were no concussions this time! (That reminds me of when Dwight gets the concussion and throws up everywhere, oh my!) I love you and hope you are feeling mucho better!!! MUAH!!!

  6. I'm gonna need you and your husband to stop fainting in the bathroom. Specifically the shower! This is 2 for 2, sister!

    Love you! Glad you are feeling somewhat better!


  7. I'm so sad you are sick, but glad Grant and then Cheryl were there to take care of you. Get better sweet friend!
    love you!

  8. Hope you feel better soon Jen! As soon as you said you'd fainted, I drew my own conclusion;-) since I fainted about 9months ago heh. Only difference was, I did it at checkout 35 in asda - with actual random people all around. Was way embarrassing!

    Anyway rest up sweet girl!