Thursday, May 28, 2009

And It's Not Even Lunch Time Yet

Here's a fun little guessing game!

Which of the following has not happened to me this morning:

1. Woke up on time

2. Gave Grant his birthday presents, Happy Birthday to my love!

3. Shared an elevator ride with a woman wearing white patent leather open-toed shoes and also wearing white gold-toed tube socks.

4. Shared a separate elevator ride with a man who made siren noises during the entirety of our journey together.

5. Almost vomited when an attorney walked into the office with this dress shirt unbuttoned and a neck tie draped around his neck. GAG ME.

6. Felt a strange bump on my upper lip and determined that it is a bug bite of some kind.

7. Broke out into hives.

8. Went to pharmacy to buy Benadryl, and also purchased a Hershey bar. Because it's necesarry. Don't judge me.

9. Had two female Starbucks employees sing me a song as I walked away called "Goodbye beautiful, enjoy your coffee!"

10. Got alot of work done.

Yes, only ONE of these things has NOT happened to me today. Lord have mercy! Leave your guess as to which one it is in the comments below!


  1. you are my favorite person...i mean, i adore you. Really. OK, you either did not wake up on time (cause that seems to fit with your day) or you did not get a lot of work done. It seems that you would have not gotton a lot of work done given you have hives and went to the pharmacy. I am so glad you and Grant get to have a birthday date night tonight with hives. That is special isn't it?

  2. I'm with Jaclyn! She said it perfectly.

    ...Except I'd add that such stylistically distracting people are known to reduce productivity.

    Seriously, it's a fact.

    So I vote for the getting a lot of work done one.


    Hope you're hot for your honey by tonight.

    Of course, you redheads are always hot, hives probably even accentuate your hotness. ;0)

  3. I guess that ten has not happened today....AND I AM REALLY hoping that number three happened and that you will share the whole story! WOWSERS!

  4. HEHE
    I am guessing the woke up on time!

  5. woke up on time or got a lot of work done!

    that is one interesting day.


  6. I am with the others, either woke up on time or got a lot done at work.
    You crack me up. And where are the pictures of the white shoes and yellow toed socks. Don't you know that is why God made camera phones?
    Enjoy your date night with your Hubby. Don't worry, Hives are totally in this summer. So is falling asleep in your plate after taking your Benadryl. You will totally rock it.

  7. Number 10

    (What building are you in and who are these people on your elevator? As I recall, these are NOT the first weirdo's on your elevator rides)

    You crack me up!