Monday, June 22, 2009

A Blog About What to Blog About

I'm basically aimlessly typing here, since I'm not so sure where I want to go with this post.

I could always do a play-by-play of the weekend and talk about how I got to spend some time with a new friend and then sang at Night of Worship and how awesome it was and how restful yesterday was, but I'm kinda not feelin' it.

I could talk about the fact that we are looking at a house with a realtor today, but I'm so overwhelmed with all that I think my brain could possibly explode.

I could write about how Moxie has a severe ear infection and the poor buddy is clearly in alot of pain and had to get lots of shots at the doctor, but that's about as far as I could go with that story.

I could share how thankful I am that when God created me, He decided that I should be the daughter of Jack Martin. I am honored to celebrate my dad on Father's Day. But if I write about that too much I may get a little emotional here at my desk...

I could discuss how filthy and disgusting my car is right now and how I am embarassed to drive it, but then Grant will just think that it is a big hint to get him to take it to the car wash. Side note: Honey, will you please wash my car?

I could even spend some time discussing summer fashions and how I so prefer winter clothes, but you've heard all that before.

Maybe I could talk about how it has been 589 degrees outside for the last 2 weeks and while I love the sunshine I prefer it to be a nice 65 degree day, but then you will all think I'm just complaining about beautiful weather.... Even though anything above 90 degrees is no longer beautiful to me.

I could discuss the fact that I'm getting my hair cut and colored on Saturday, but I won't mention that just yet cause I'll just post a picture this weekend.

I could always go back to my standard post about food. But then I'll just get myself all hungry so I don't think I should talk about that either.

I could write my realization of how much marriage has changed me due to the fact that I turned on the T.V. in the breakroom today to see who was winning the U.S. Open, then proceeded to email Grant at work and say "CAN YOU BELIEVE PHIL MISSED THAT 3 FOOTER?!?". I am officially a golfer's wife, through and through. But y'all don't care about golf.

I guess I just don't have anything to write about today. Darn it.


  1. I could talk about how cute you are.. !! :)

  2. That is an exceptionally long post to be about "nothing"... :) AND gave us some good insight into what is going on in your mind!

  3. It was an exciting tournament. On Friday I was getting a pedicure with my sister and I got really excited because they were playing the US Open in the nail Salon. What have we become??! :)

  4. oh my word!! I have to admit that i got on MSN to see who won the US Open...what can i say!! :) A golfing husband will do it to you!!
    I also must admit that i *love* to watch is that even possible??????? Glory be!!!

    I love you!!!

  5. My husband officially loves you after this post.
    By the way, I meant to tell you that you got a "close-up" on Sunday and you looked hot! I have LOTS of questions for you regarding certain worship leaders and your opinions on them! :)
    Can't wait until Monday!!!

  6. You are so funny! I was thinking that I had nothing to blog about and then my crazy shopping trip be careful! You never know what you might experience for the purpose of a blog post. :)

  7. You are so clever, Jenny! Love the post!