Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dear Mr. Police Officer,

It is your job to make sure people in our fair city are being safe and obeying the law.

I get that. I support that.

If I was speeding, give me a speeding ticket.

It stings a little bit since it is my first speeding ticket ever in life but I guess I'm due. I'll sign the ticket. If I was speeding, I was speeding. You're doing your job.

However, Mr. Police Officer, I'd like to point out that I was kind to you. I was cooperative. Submissive, even. I said "yes sir" and "no sir". I asked you how your day was going. I smiled at you.

You, Mr. Police Officer, were not kind. You were mean. A bully.

You were patronizing.

You were unnecessarily ugly.

You were impolite. You were less than informative. You asked me no questions about where I had been, where I was going, or even if I had any reason to be speeding.

You made smart-alec comments to my responses and talked down to me.

When you returned from your squad car with my license, you handed me a bunch of paperwork and asked me to sign it. You hadn't said what it was I was signing as you handed it over. I didn't know if it was a warning or a citation (No idea why I thought for a second that you would show mercy on me) and when I asked "is this a ticket?" as you handed it to me, your response was "Now, what does that say on top there? What does that say?". You were condescending.

As I read over the paperwork, I saw that you wrote me two citations. One for speeding on the freeway, and one for speeding on the exit ramp. I signed the ticket, even though I felt the exit ramp ticket was a bit unfair, since I was indeed getting off the freeway and slowing down. But I didn't want to question you or seem uncooperative. I had seen your behavior when I was being submissive and didn't want to begin to see what you would do if I questioned you.

Due to your rudeness and the fact that I really really get upset around mean people, I began to tear up. I didn't start to weep or anything, I just started to do the chin quiver as I handed the signed paperwork back to you.

You just walked away. You didn't say "goodbye" or "have a nice day". You just left.

Mr. Police Officer, I'd like to just ask that you may perhaps try to do your job and protect the people of Houston but also BE A NICE PERSON WHILE YOU DO IT.




  1. GET HIM.

    Apparently, he wasn't normal.


  2. This just makes me mad and it makes me want to smack'em up side his head. And then call his mom and tell her to smack him, too.
    So sad he was mean.

  3. Oh, Jen. That stinks. So sorry! Hope your weekend makes up for the bad day!

  4. Horrible No Good Very Bad and Mean Cop.