Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes 2011

For those of you who have been reading awhile, it has become a little tradition for us to recap the award shows together. And by "recap" I mean "post pictures of the red carpet photos and behave like fashion police".

This is my 3rd year doing a post on the Golden Globes, which happens to be my favorite award show. You can read my previous GG blogs by clicking here and here.

So, let's get right to it. As a general statement, I felt a bit of an 80's vibe as the ladies walked the carpet. There was alot of weird sleeves and shoulder pads and I REALLY DON'T WANT SHOULDER PADS TO COME BACK.

Here's Tina Fey who is wearing a great color and great fabric but it is a shame that they had to cut her sleeves from drapery.

Okay, y'all, this is Tilda Swinton and she is a great actress and everything but SHE NEEDS SOME RED CARPET HELP. Rachel Zoe, can she be your new project?!

She is happy and pink and funny and has a fantastic body. This is a GREAT dress for the Globes.

Okay, Scarlett Johansson is a beautiful girl but she is having a hair problem tonight.

She is all kinds of precious. Her necklace was BEAUTIFUL and I think she looked absolutely fantastic.

This is Sandra Bullock and her date for the evening, Bangs.

Oh, look, it's Noah. If I'm a bird, he's a bird.

This dress is GORGEOUS but I feel like it is a bit more Oscar-appropriate. But still, STUNNING.

Nicole Kidman is a brave, brave woman. For being as pale as she is (HOLLA, PALE PEOPLE!!) she is not afraid to wear a color that may wash her out.

Okay, confession: I am not normally a fan of putting pink and red together. If I saw this dress hanging on a hanger, I would be all "UM, HECK TO THE NO" but she is just so precious and pregnant that it's all kinds of adorable on her.


Oh, my. It's like a 6 year old found her way onto Project Runway and saw a nice dress and thought to herself "I LIKE DAISIES!!" and covered the dress with daisies and pretty much ruined it but then Michelle Williams came in and the little girl was like "Oh, Michelle, will you wear this on the red carpet?" and Michelle felt bad for the little girl and agreed to wear it. That is the only circumstance in which wearing this was okay.

MANDY! Beautiful, beautiful color on her. I wish the dress was strapless and that neck thing wasn't happening, but she looks great. Also, homechick behind her has somewhere to be and FAST. She is on the move and is ever so proud of her legs. Look at that arm-swing. That is impressive.

Ah, one of the 80's looks of the evening. Me-no-likey.

Lea Michele is usually one of my red-carpet-faves. I don't hate this dress but it is not my favorite. I would LOVE it in a different color. A plum, perhaps?

Kyra Sedgwick is another one that almost always makes my best dressed list. I am not a fan of dresses that are the color of mustard but she is still adorable.

Julie Bowen is BEAUTIFUL. She is in my Top 5 for the night.

This is Johnny Depp. Y'ALL, I DO NOT GET THE JOHNNY DEPP OBSESSION. Really, please, help me. What about this is attractive?!?! HELP ME. I find this to be YUCKY.

I'm not sure about the JLo dress. The sheer overlay is confusing.

Hello, I'm posing here on the red carpet, and you, Mr. Papparazzi man, are quite handsome, and I was wondering if you would marry me. It's either that, or I'm taking my senior picture. I'm not sure.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is adorable. And, she's smart. She remembered that the Golden Globe awards serve dinner and she came prepared with a little food catcher on top of her dress to catch some bread crumbs so she could save them for later.

This is a FANTASTIC color on her.

Um, that's a negative.

So, I had in my notes "Jane Krakowski = super cute and pregnant" (yes, I take notes during the red carpet specials to prepare for you people) but the angle I saw on television didn't show the slit. Too high, Jane. Too high.

Helena Bonham Carter is an amazing actress. She is wearing shoes that are two different colors. I really can't say anything else about this. I need to take a few Tums first to calm the nausea.

Halle Berry graced us with her presence. And her lingerie.

This is Eva Longoria. And her boobs.

Yep. There they are. Did no one tell you they were everywhere?

Okay, I think this was my favorite. Absolutely beautiful. Flawless.

Her hair is soooo pretty and she is sooooo skinny. Eat a grape, sweet pea.

In case she gets tired of holding her head up, her dress serves as a shelf.


Our sweet, precious Carrie. LOVE. HER.

Again, with the eighties. WHY THE SHOULDER PADS!?

I should start off by saying that I am NOT a fan of Angelina Jolie. I AM a fan of green but I am NOT a fan of shoulder pads. She only scores one out of three in my book. You get a D+.

I want to look like her. That is all.

Okay people. Leave me comments and such below... who did you like? How do you feel about Scarlett Johansson's hair? And if you're a Johnny Depp fan, could you please explain the attraction?
Thanks for reading, and here's to a great start to the 2011 Awards Season!!


  1. I am 100% in agreement with you on the Johnny Depp thing :/ I don't understand it either.

    And, if I must say, I look forward to your award show posts every time :)

  2. you are so cute jen. thanks for doing this. i missed the whole thing and was really wanting a snapshot of the dresses. :)

  3. can i just say i am so glad you do this?
    -ok, sandra bullocks date really does confuse me.
    - love the noah bird comment
    - natalie portman is so adorable. i think jeremy has a serious celebrity crush on her so i remain jealous
    -johnny depp is grody. i don't get all....never have
    -ha! why is that guy kneeling on the carpet?!
    -your #1 is my #1 too. i love her, and as i expressed last night, i love glee!

  4. The entire Modern Family cast was rocking the red carpet last night! SO impressed! Also, SO sad they didn't win anything :o(

  5. The Noah bird comment made me seriously lol when I read this earlier today, and Matteo just looked at me for my random burst of giggles while he was eating breakfast and watching him some Mickey Mouse.

    Did you see Sandy's interview with Carson Daily? He was hitting on her AND her bangs!

    Did you hear what Robert Downey Jr said when he presented an award?

    I was talking to my mom on the phone at one point during them and she said "oh I didn't even know they were on...I'll just wait for Jen's recap. It's much easier." Haha :)

  6. You just tickle me sooo much. I mean really. So good. And I want to look like her too.

  7. Your comments crack me up! And yes, thanks for the recap because I never actually watch the live show. Scarlett's hair looked like she was going through a wind tunnel...I wonder if she actually liked it?!? Or maybe she just had a really bad hair stylist.

  8. Oh, I was SO ready to read your GG fashion recap! I def laughed at the Ryan Gosling/Noah comment, and I have to agree about the '80s comeback-- it just confused me. Sofia Vergara absolutely rocked her dress, as did Julie Bowen... not that Modern Family is my fav or anything (so is). Scarlet's hair was frightening, and I think she actually looked a bit pained and miserable in general all night, which is unfortunate. However, I would also look pained and miserable if I was no longer Mrs. Ryan Reynolds. Thanks for the recap!!

  9. Johnny Depp. Never understood the obsession with him. Not attractive whatsoever.

  10. love it! thanks for a laugh on a stressful morning.

  11. Thanks, Jen! I didn't get to see the show, so the re-cap was nice, and funny! :)

    Oh, and I think the Johnny Depp thing has something to do with the 80's show 21 Jumpstreet. You might be too young to have been into that show, though (I was almost too young for it but I had an older sister who loved him, therefore I was in love with him, too!) So, SOME of the time, seeing him now I can remember his better days, and some of the time, seeing him now is just gross... :)

  12. I've always thought Johnny Depp looks so angry....all the time! Love the Modern Family - especially Julie. I was just introduced to Modern Family this last weekend (girls weekend watching Season 1). So I was thrilled to see Mama's name is really if I just had something else in common with her :)
    Your faves were mine too! Love me some Carrie Underwood but didn't get your Noah/bird comment??? Inside joke?? But I'm old so I know virtually nothing!

  13. so i have to say that i missed the GG and when i heard i missed them i immediately thought of you and your blog- i knew you would tell me what i really cared about, not about who won but what they were wearing! LOVE it! oh and on the johnny depp thing, i only find him attractive when he is on a movie and someone else dresses him and does his hair- other than that, nappy mess! i love the guy who is proposing to the camera man- what was going on there?? hope you have a great week!

  14. I am just getting to this, because I have woefully neglected Jen the Newlywed's blog. A) You are hilarious; 2) I love Johnny Depp and cannot explain it; thirdly) I am not Tim Crane. Oh, and it is February, and my Houstonian friends are not at my house. I am sad. Also, it is warmer in Portland than in Houston right now, which is God's way of telling Jen and Grant to GO TO PORTLAND. So there.