Friday, June 10, 2011

Well I've Just Been a Tiny Bit Distracted

Um, hi. Hello.

I'm Jen and I'm not even sure what day it is.

Since I'm not going into the office everyday, I'm thoroughly confused as to where we are in the work week. I feel like every day is Saturday.

I will say this: I really like working from home. I haven't been this on top of my laundry since NEVER.

I am also exponentially less stressed. Don't get me wrong, my new gig is busy and has alot going on, but it doesn't have the ever-present feeling of "I'm about to get yelled at".

By the way, I have another blog going over at my Symphony Social  Media page. It's not quite as fascinating as this blog (because, as we all know, this blog is always SUPER INTERESTING and WELL WRITTEN) but if you're bored or something you should go check it out.

I was filling a form out the other day for my new business and it said "Title" and I wrote "President" and then I just busted out laughing.

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