Monday, November 7, 2011

Help Your Favorite Non-Profit!

Okay people. I usually don't do plugs like this but I think this one is actually kinda awesome.

So, we all know a church or a charity group or a ministry or some other non-profit organization that is running low on the money. And honestly, they really really really need a new website cause the other one was built by someone's 14 year old son but they just can't afford to get a good, custom website.

Well, you can nominate them to get a custom, awesome website FOR. FREE.

My friends at Immerseme (they are an awesome web design and branding company) are doing a website giveaway for a non-profit organization. (Seriously I think I'm going to nominate three of them if that is allowed.) (I just checked, it is).

Seriously, you should go there and nominate your church or your charity group or whatever. Spread the love, people. Spread the love!

The rules, FAQ and nomination form are here: CLICK HERE.

Good luck to you and your favorite non-profit! Happy nominating!

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