Sunday, September 23, 2012

Red Carpet Recap: Emmy's 2012

Since 2008, I've been recapping the Red Carpet at all the major award shows. I think the last one I did was the Oscar's back in February, so I am SO very glad to be back and writing about one of my very most favorite award shows: THE EMMY AWARDS. 

Why is it one of my favorites? Well, probably because the Emmy awards are all about television and let's just say that my television and I spend a whole lot of quality time together. And let's just say that I AM SO GLAD THE FALL SEASON HAS STARTED AGAIN. I have missed my shows. 

Hello, my name is Jen, and I'm a TV addict. And the DVR is the best invention in the whole wide world. 

So, let's get to it, shall we?

Amy Poehler is one of my favorite people ever. I want to hang out with her. 
 Every year she and her husband Will Arnett have been a part of my red carpet recap and now they are separated and I'm very depressed about that. 

Vada Sultenfuss from "My Girl" was at the Emmy's for some reason. 

Look at Vada all grown up and not wearing her mood ring from Thomas Jay. 

Ashley Judd is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She brought her hair with her to the red carpet. 

Here's Ashley, her husband Dario, and her hair. 

Christina Hendricks always has a challenge when she dresses for the red carpet. 
 Make that TWO challenges. I feel for you girl, I really do. Nice color! I would've liked to have seen it with some color-popping jewelry and I'm not sure about the belt.....

Claire Danes in bright yellow! I thought this was kind of weird for a pregnant belly... 

If I was pregnant and wearing that dress, the seam going across my belly would've driven me crazy!

Connie Britton in a gorgeous dress!
 I wasn't in love with her hair style. But I'm super excited about her new show Nashville!

I don't know who this is but the drapery is confusing me.

I also don't know who this is but this looks like a costume. A fancy, black mosquito netting costume. 

Gorgeous girl. No idea who she is. She needs to zip up her top PRONTO. Otherwise, AWESOME dress. Gorgeous color!

I REALLY like the skirt of this dress....

Ginnifer Goodwin .... I have mixed feelings here.
 You are adorable but I need you to smile and I need the dress to not be a mullet.

 I'm so happy for her and Bill I can't stand it. Yay for their new little baby boy, Duke! I think she looks amazing.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this color. Love. 

This is a contender for best dressed, I believe.

What a cool dress! Architecturally it is really interesting and the detail you saw up close was really impressive. 

She's a pretty, pretty girl. So pretty that sometimes I need her to stop it. 

Heidi Klum. I have some things to say. 
 1. That dress is a pretty color
2. I like your earrings
3. One slit? Flirty. Two slits? Dangerously close to seeing your panties. 


I think January Jones is gorgeous... but the past few red carpet events I feel like she is trying too hard.

Julianna Marguilies wins for most floral fabric. 

Julianna Hough was like a magical mermaid.

Julie Bowen looks amazing, even if she is dressed as a highlighter. 

Kat Dennings is trying to compete with Christina Hendricks. 

I really like this dress for her. She looks good!

Love Kelly's purple dress. Do not love her purple hair. 

Kerry Washington is one of the most stunning women in Hollywood. That being said, this ensemble underwhelmed me. 

You are nominated for 4 Emmy's. Would it kill you to smile?!

Leslie Mann. Loved, loved LOVED this ensemble complete with the pops of turquoise. Absolutely adorable. 

Lucy Liu was covered with thousands of little tiny mirrors. 

If I were to be on the red carpet, I think I would wear something like this. JEWEL TONES FOR THE WIN. 


I have no idea who these people are but this girl is ridiculously pretty. 

I think this was my favorite dress of the night. Especially up close. My word. SO. PRETTY. 

I like her hair this color AND I love this dress. 

Seth Meyers is my husband's twin. 

 Looks like he found himself a lady. How cute are they?!

We have another mermaid! A Colombian mermaid. 

Hands down, my favorite dress Tina Fey has ever worn. And she looks so skinny!

Mrs. Urban has lovely earrings. 

Look! It's Alec Baldwin and his beautiful bride. Mrs. Baldwin, your dress is gorgeous. Oh, and HE'S TOO OLD FOR YOU. 

Kristin Wiig looks pretty but I feel like her dress is a little too beachy. 



Okay. I think Zooey Deschanel is total preciousness. However, sometimes when she shows up to the Red Carpet, she is looking more quirky and trendy than elegant and well-dressed. That being, said....

She looks cute and classy and full of personality and I think she'll be on the best dressed list for SURE.

Well, folks... that's all I've got! Thoughts? Opinions? Do you disagree with any of my critiques? Do share your take :)


  1. drapery lady plays catelyn stark on hbo's game of thrones (michelle fairley). the couple you don't know (with the ridiculously pretty girl)- arron paul (jesse on AMC's breaking bad) and his fiancee Lauren Parsekian (

  2. you know how i feel about giuliana!!!
    and vada? the emmy's would have been a flop without her.

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