Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Little of This, A Little of That....

It's been quite the week over here. Ellie's had a tummy bug which she so graciously shared with her mommy. What fun we have had! We seem to be on the upswing and symptoms are fading away. I'm seeing glimpses of the spunky 1 year old I've been missing these last few days. (Homegirl literally fell asleep on the living room floor yesterday around 11am. She's just been pathetic.)

Here's what else is happening around our neck of the woods:

1. We had Fall for about a day. It rained really hard this weekend and then for about 24 hours we had some beautiful weather. And then it went away. So that was that. 

2. Yesterday, Ellie and I really needed to get out of the house. It had been far too many days since we had an outing. Grant took us to the Dairy Queen. We are a classy family. We sat in the DQ and had some ice cream and Ellie seemed to perk up. This is not the first time we have taken a family trip to Dairy Queen in the middle of a work week. Sometimes you just get a hankerin', ya know?

3. Ellie is "singing" Jesus Loves Me. During the verse, she just says "ah" to the rhythm that I sing the words, and then on the chorus she says "Yeeeeehhhh" every time I sing "YES, Jesus loves me!" It's enough to melt me into goo. Seriously. 

4. We now have a library card and have already checked out 2 books. One for me, one for Ellie. I'm hoping this is a life long habit for us both!

5. The shows, y'all. They are back. THE SHOWS ARE BACK. The premiere for How I Met Your Mother was wonderful and there were about 3 minutes towards the end that nearly brought tears to my eyes. We still don't know her name, but she's just darling. And perfect for Ted. Love, love, love. 

6. I haven't mentioned this on the blog yet (how is that possible?) but I want to ask for your prayers for sweet baby Jack. Our dear friends, Ben & Trish, had a baby on August 13. He wasn't due till November. He was born at 28 weeks gestation and has been in the NICU since he was born and will not be leaving there anytime soon. He is trying really hard to get better, but there have been some setbacks. Isn't he just a pumpkin?! Oh, he is the sweetest. 

Please pray for him. He needs healing in his brain, his heart, his lungs, he currently has a staph infection.... his parents Ben & Trish are walking with great faith and know that God can heal their son. Please pray! Also, some friends have set up a love offering for the family as they face the hurdles of the next few months. Click here if you feel lead to give!

Hoping today is a better, sick-free day in our house! 

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