Friday, February 14, 2014

We Made it to Friday but Just Barely

Well. This week has gone differently than I thought it would.

In summary: Ellie has/had the flu.

The last 3 days have been filled with laundry, 104 degree fevers, a toddler in our bed, prescription medicines, low appetites, not a lot of sleep, and sweet snuggles with a sicky girl.

There really is nothing more pitiful and sad than a baby with a 104 degree fever. To add to the sadness, in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, I had what was probably the most scary moment of parenting thus far. I can't really type it all out as it is not something I want to relive but let's just say that in our marriage I am the one that freaks out and panics and Grant is the one who stays calm and then has his own freak out moment after everything subsides and calms down.

I am thoroughly exhausted, but also we are quite happy over here. Due to all the sickness, this week has been filled with lots of sweet together time as a family. Ellie has joined us in our bed many times this week during the middle of the night and is full of middle-of-the-night-greetings. "Hi! Hi Mommy! Mommy night-night? Shhh! MOMMY! MOMMY NIGHT NIGHT! Daddy night night, haha daddy. Daddy! Shhh DADDY NIGHT NIGHT!"

It's all so peaceful.

So now we are just waiting it out. We are hunkered down in this house and we are not going outside and I'm doing surprisingly okay. Yesterday we needed a change of scenery so we literally drove around for an hour. And then, last night, my dear sweet precious husband was coming home from a work event and on his way home he stopped and got me flowers, peanut M&M's (my fave) and takeout pasta. I mean really. He is the best there is.

Sadly, since all this started late Tuesday night, all my Valentines plans went out the window. I had no gift for my sweet little Ellie. I had nothing for my husband. No cookies or brownies or cute little presents for my people. I did put Ellie in pink pajamas cause it was really all I had on hand in this house. And Grant got her a Powerade Slush from Sonic this afternoon because we are trying to get some fluids in her and she hasn't been drinking so maybe the slush could be her Valentines treat? How sad.

Next year I'll have to step it up a notch.

Hopefully when I write my next blog, I'll have a healthy girl. Praying.

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