Monday, April 28, 2014

The Yard

When we bought this house over 4 years ago, the previous owners were a darling couple that had taken great pride in the landscaping of their home. The front yard was full of beautiful bushes and flowers, and the backyard had unique trees, palms, and bottle brushes that really made the backyard a cool little retreat.

Sadly, about 30 days after we moved in, Houston experienced a freeze. Everything in the backyard died since we didn't know what anything was, nor how to take care of it.

Now, I know what you're thinking.... surely you're like "Wow, that is unfortunate. Surely they removed all of the dead things the following weekend."

No. No we did not.

It's just not been a priority. Since then, we have removed a few bushes and 1 or 2 dead trees if they seemed like they might physically hurt us. About 2 years ago we re-mulched the front flower bed and put some flowers in it that promptly succumbed to the Houston heat. And there was the time that Grant had the fantastic idea to pull up every blade of grass in the backyard using a sod cutter because our grass was so bad, but that also did not end well. We've made some minor changes to the porch. But everything else is either dead or embarrassingly overgrown. After 4 years, we finally took a look around and decided that we are the eye sore of the street. Furthermore, we decided we needed some professional help.

I am thrilled to announce to our family, friends and neighbors that next week a man named Jose is coming to remedy our landscaping problems. This definitely is not one of those big time landscaping companies that is going to build us an outdoor kitchen with a pagoda and a koi pond. This is one of those companies that is going to pull up dead things and plant pretty things. When Jose asked us what kind of plants and flowers we wanted, we said "LOW MAINTENANCE THINGS, PLEASE. WE CAN NOT HANDLE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF A TODDLER AND SHRUBBERIES."

I CAN NOT WAIT. Y'all. I'm going to feel like a new person. I would post before and after photos but I can't bear to show the world wide internets the silliness that has been our yard. But I'll post some after pictures for sure. Because we are going to be living on a resort basically, if by "resort" you mainly think of trimmed bushes and low price flowers in a flower bed. And tree branches that don't hang over the driveway and into the street.

We are totally rocking adulthood.

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  1. awesome! love new yard stuff! my yard is like my toddler, just second place toddler :) enjoy!