Monday, July 28, 2014

At Least Someone is Sleeping

Oh, friends.

What a fun and exciting and eventful few weeks it has been. Since I last wrote, Ellie has turned 2, we hosted her 2nd birthday party, Ellie and I drove to and from McKinney, Texas to visit friends, and Ellie is now on Day 2 of a crazy little virus. 

I can hardly form words or type sentences since I only got about 2.5 hours of sleep last night, so instead, I'll just share pictures:

Here's my sweet, sick little girl with her daddy last night:

Go away, fever!

I honestly can not believe we are already at the end of July. The only good thing about this year going by so fast is the fact that the cooler weather will be here soon.

Cause, you know what 2 year olds like to do? Play outside.

And you want to know something about being outside in Houston in July?

It's 786 degrees Fahrenheit. 

I told Ellie we can play outside in late October. She doesn't seem to think that that is a fair compromise. 


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