Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jesus is Alive and Basketball is Over

Easter has always been one of my favorites. I love it because it's happy and church is always amazing and the weather is a little warmer and Jesus has risen, just as He said. 

This year was pretty low key which is also another perk of Easter. We woke up and Ellie opened her Easter baskets from us and another one her grandparents sent from Louisiana. 

She was pretty happy with all her little things.

Between us and all of her grandparents, Ellie got chocolate, candy, Frozen jewelry, bubbles, some Sofia keys, some coloring books, a Doc McStuffins stethoscope, a Frozen microphone, Elsa PJ's, and some clothes. I'm sure I'm missing a few things. She had a pretty good day.

We headed out to church and little Miss was bringing her Easter Sunday A-game:

I mean. 

I'd like to give a shout out to my sister Jaclyn (who is a Matilda Jane Clothing trunk keeper) (Trunk Keeper #615!) for hooking me up with darling little frocks like this one. I can't handle it. 

She was loving her beautiful dress and she loved all the Easter festivities.

After lunch we drove out to my parents' house to have lunch and let Ellie play with her cousins. My mom made macaroni and cheese and my dad made a ham and there were rolls involved and also cakes. My kind of meal. It was a really sweet, special day and I'm so thankful that we get to celebrate such a meaningful holiday. 

In other less important events, the basketball is finally over. Some of you on the blog Facebook page reminded me that basketball is over just in time for baseball to start. However, I feel like baseball doesn't take over the world like March Madness does and in general baseball doesn't make some of my favorite primetime TV shows to get bumped for weeks at a time. MY PRIMETIME TELEVISION IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN BASKETBALL. THANK YOU. 

In other news, I am PUMPED today and looking out my window every 30 seconds to see if the UPS man has arrived. One of my all time favorite authors, and a New York Times bestselling one at that, has a NEW BOOK coming out today and based on my constant shipment tracking, it should arrive on my doorstep no later than 6pm!

Melanie Shankle's new book is about the power of friendship. Her memoirs about motherhood and marriage were amazing, and I'm so excited for her third novel about girlfriends. She hasn't disappointed me yet and I'm excited to dig into this book today:

I can't wait to read it one or seven times. 

Happy Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen.

May your day be free of basketball and full of carbohydrates.

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