Sunday, October 25, 2015

He Did Not Want to Watch me Whip nor Nae Nae

Houston had another big storm weekend- the "hunker down" kind where everyone just kinda goes inside and stays put. Thankfully, it ended up being somewhat of a non-event as the rains came down in slow, steady increments over a period of about 24 hours rather than dumping 10 inches on us in just a short period of time. It really wasn't a big deal but it made for a nice, quiet family weekend at home for the 3 of us.

The 3 of us. That's about to end. This little boy in my belly is nearing his estimated time of departure. Honestly, this last week we thought for a minute we might be meeting him. We spent most of Wednesday in Labor & Delivery as he did one of his little pranks on us where he stops moving for like 18 hours. We went to the hospital with bags packed, just in case, and there was a moment where my OB said "we might be doing this today" - but then he started changing his mind and got himself all active again. That's fine, Mister Man. You can stay in for a few more days.

I'll go in again this week and they will do another ultrasound to make sure my fluids are okay. I've been having a lot of contractions, some of them quite painful, but we haven't gotten into a pattern yet or anything so I'm good, for now. Anytime he wants to come is honestly okay by me. I'm ready to hold him.

This weekend, as we stayed home and were facing the possible threat of street flooding and torrential rain, Grant went into full responsible-homeowner mode and made it his life mission to keep the pool from overflowing. The last time we had a big storm we had water at the door and so he was a little nervous that this time was going to breach the barriers. He was draining the pool and walking around outside with his waders on and it was all very intense.

I started having contractions and he alerted me that I was not allowed to have a baby right now. "No. You can't do this tonight. I have to keep the pool under control. Sit. Down."

I tried to unload the dishwasher.


I tried to take Ellie upstairs and put her to bed.

"JEN. Stop. I'll do it. You go lay down."


"We're all bored. Go sit down. I don't want you having a baby right now."

Did you know that big storms can cause women to go into labor? Something about the moon or the gravitational pull or tide levels or the stars aligning or something. I'm making all that up - but apparently big thunderstorms mean crowded Labor & Delivery wards. So we were a bit more on alert last night and Grant was not having it.

At one point last night the TV was on and the Whip/NaeNae song began and I decided I needed to dance it out.

"Now watch me Whip..."


"Watch me Nae Nae"

"SIT DOWN!!!!"

It was about the time I started doing the stanky leg that he really got mad.

He had no tolerance for my shenangians.

Or maybe it was just that I looked so ridiculous that he just wanted to save me from further embarrassing myself.

We didn't go to church today, partly because of the weather and partly because NOTHING FITS ME ANYMORE. My belly has gotten so big, and the 5 shirts I wear on rotation have been washed so many times that they are shrinking. I can't justify spending more money on clothes I will wear for a maximum of 10 more days so I am just looking like Smee with my belly hanging out.

My belly hanging out is not really appropriate church attire.

The good news is, this storm is supposedly bringing cooler temps to last us through the week and I am beyond thrilled about that. I'm even wearing a shirt that has sleeves instead of a tank top. My belly is hanging out but that's beside the point.

10 days, people. We're almost there.

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