Wednesday, November 11, 2015

And Suddenly I Have Two Kids

Hello, my blog friends.

A week ago today a new little mister joined our family.

This is Jackson Charles!

Born November 4, 2015
7lbs, 13 ounces. 19 3/4 inches long

He was born a day ahead of schedule but that is another story for another blog. I'll write out his whole wonderful birth story in the next few days. But just know that it was wonderful and he is wonderful. God is gracious. We got home late Friday and Jack is now one week old. 

Things are going pretty well. We are very tired but he is a good baby and is making it relatively easy on us. Ellie loves him but is frustrated since we are keeping her away from him for a few days since she has a little cold. We were not expecting her to be sick when we brought him home so all these big promises we've been making her about holding him and helping with bottles and such aren't really coming true for her. But we are trucking along.

Last night, at 3:30am, Jack woke up for a feeding. I pulled him into bed with me, fed him an ounce, pulled him up to my chest to burp him, and then I woke up at 6:30 with him still on my chest. Both of us slept there for 3 hours. He got an ounce and a burp and that was the end of that. Sorry buddy.

Today is kind of a big day as today is my first day without help. We have been SO INCREDIBLY BLESSED with help from Grant's parents and my parents and I felt like I could brave today on my own. Grant has a meeting right now and will be gone for 4 hours. For the first time, I am here alone with my babies - both of them - and we are making it! 

Here we are this morning. Can we have a moment about how beautiful I look? Just like Princess Kate when she left the hospital. Puffy face and all.

Clearly this is not my best moment, but I wanted to document my first day home with my 2 kids.

A few more:

She really is such a good helper.

Today we are staying in our pj's and watching movies. I'm not getting overly ambitious with my first day. I'm medicated and exhausted - we aren't going to be doing any Pinterest crafts, I can tell you that!

It's been a bit of a transition for Ellie. It really hasn't been terrible at all, but we are seeing some behavior changes as we've had a week of no structure, major life change, she's under the weather, and mommy's attention has been elsewhere. We're trying to get back on track - I know it will take some time. I can't drive yet because of the pain meds I am on so we are kinda stuck here. I wouldn't change it though, I know this time will fly by!

More blogs to come on Jack's birth - make sure you're following me on Instagram and the blog Facebook page for more pictures and updates. 

I'm so beyond grateful and blessed - God is so good!

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