Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Expectation vs. Reality: A Night at Home Alone


You're all by yourself for the night - and rather than be sad about an evening alone, you decide to make the most of it. You get both kids fed and and in their beds by 7:30. You come downstairs and clean up the mess of the day, start the dishwasher, run the dryer one more time for good measure, and cook yourself a healthy dinner.

You sit down on the couch with your food and your remote and  your phone and set a plan of attack on your DVR.

You've got shows to watch, and by golly, you're gonna watch them.

You're gonna sit alone on your couch and be quiet and talk to no one and watch all the shows.


You're going to fall asleep 10 minutes into the first show at 8:30pm and then wake up on your couch at 3:45 am and then you feed the baby and then stumble into your bedroom around 4am and go to sleep.

No shows were watched.

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