Sunday, September 18, 2016

Red Carpet Recap: Emmy's 2016

It's been FOREVER since I've done a Red Carpet blog and I'm so exciiiiiited!! To catch up on my previous Red Carpet Blogs - click that Red Carpet Recap button up there under the blog header and take a stroll down memory lane. But for now, I give you....

The 2016 Emmy Awards!!!

Let's dive right in!

We're starting our evening with Vada Sultenfuss wearing a unique dress made of what appears to be wrinkled skin.

I don't know who this is but her hair is the same color as mine and I want mine to look more like that so I'm documenting it here so I remember. Also, that color on her is the bomb. 

RAYNA!!!!! Please come back to Nashville PLEASE!!! We need you. 

Also that dress is so dang gorgeous I can't even. 

Amy Poehler barely made it from her son's wedding. 

I love her forever but she is way too young for this. 

Kate McKinnon is so talented and so fun and so pretty and so smart and happy. 

I'm so glad she won!

 Okay I LOVE THIS. Love her hair. Love her dress. LOVE. 
I want to make a chair out of that fabric.

Oh, Edith. 

I like her hair color. I do not like this dress color. 
I'm thinking of watching her new show, what about y'all?

And the winner of this year's jacket contest is awarded to this dapper young man right here! 

This might be one of the weirdest red carpet pics I've ever seen and I've written about a lot of red carpet pics. He has bolts in his neck, y'all. Why do these things happen? 

How did he attach them? how much time did that take? Did he tell her the idea and then she was like "okay, cool?" I don't know. I just don't know about any of it and I'm having a sip of wine. 

This is so flawless it's just not even fair. 

Her hair and makeup is a win at everything she goes to. I like that she wanted to wear a dress but also wanted to wear her comfiest black leggings. You do you, Sarah. 

I don't know who this is but her ring is literally blinding people. 

This is a Wee Willie Winkie shirt. She needs a nightcap and a lantern. 

I LOVE her in this PINK! I hope she gets away with murder this season. 

She is wearing a Charlie Brown dress and she's very upset about it. 

Literal jaw dropper. She is so dang fierce when she's pregnant. 


It's not quite as harsh in this pic - but on TV she came across as VERY orange-looking. So orange that I thought that Mr. Trump's makeup person must've given some tips. The dress is cool though. 


MORE GREEN! Hi Tina!! 

I seriously was like "did John Travolta and Kelly Preston get divorced and he's here with some other woman?" but then I was like "oh wait that IS Kelly Preston.... weird."
I present to you The Plastic Surgery Couple of 2016!

I hope y'all have an amazing week - thanks for reading every year - and if you want to look fabulous like these people and need any gorgeous jewelry for yourself, you can find some lovely things at

Peace out, friends!

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