Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Angel

Welcome to November! Can you believe we are already in November!? I feel like October just flew by!

Things have been going pretty well lately. It's been a busy, busy week! I wanted to share a few pictures of my nieces that my sisters sent me!

This is Juliet (17 months old) who was LaLa (The Teletubby) for Halloween. Our passionate little Juliet was very very passionate about NOT wearing the Lala hat. She is still pretty cute though!

This is Scarlett (also 17 months, she and Juliet are twins) and she was Humpty Dumpty. Ya'll, I can't even begin to describe how hilarious this costume is. I love it!

The last of the nieces is Grace, who is 6 months old! Grace thought that it was a little too hot outside to be a chicken....

And still, a little too hot to be Princess Leia....

But she was quite content being a ballerina! Isn't she just perfect!?

Special thanks to Shannon & Jaclyn, my fabulous sisters for sending these precious pictures!

As for me, Halloween was pretty low key. Natalie from the office was really encouraging me to dress up. But honestly, I just didn't have anything. So I wore my normal clothes to work. HOWEVER, I DID wear a tiara. The tiara I wore on my wedding day. Because, hey, how often do you have an excuse to wear a tiara?!

So last night, we had a few trick or treaters. My very favorite though was this DARLING little girl, who looked about 3. She was dressed as an angel, and you could tell this was her very first time trick or treating. I opened the door, and she was looking up at me, looking a little unsure about what was going on. She didn't say trick or treat (although I was already digging into my bucket of chocolate cause she looked so gosh darn cute)... and then her mom, who was standing about 8 feet behind her said "Honey what do you say for the candy?"

She looked up at me.... and said "Umm..... Happy... Um...... Angel...."

I think I gave her everything I had left! What a precious little cherub!!

Today, I was getting ready for work, and I saw my red high heel shoes sitting there in my closet. It has been SO long since I've worn them. So, before it gets too chilly out, I put on my red dress, threw a denim jacket over it to "dress it down", and put those red shoes on my feet! It was wonderful.

Imagine my embarassment when Natalie from work asked me if I was wearing white panty hose. She was not kidding. She was serious. "Nope. Those are just my legs!". It has taken me YEARS to embrace my whiteness. And it is moments like that that send me further back into my insecurity!

This weekend our Sunday school class is having a girls night! Woo hoo! I will post many pictures.

Have a great day precious friends!


  1. I can't get over how ADORABLE those pictures of your nieces are! So precious!!!!!!! See you tomorrow my love!


  2. I still love that story. And, I want neices. I can't get over LaLa OR Humpty Dumpty. Seriously.

    Love you!


  3. Girl friend!! First things first...
    1.i am not ignoring you :)
    2.i would love to chat today, does that work for you?
    3.i miss you so much. i want to be neighbors! i was thinking when we're done "militarying"(go with me) it up we should all pick one place to move and do it :)

    Oh my heavens!! Those twins are beyond words...the LaLa is precious but, that Humpty Dumpty is more than i could take at 7:12AM!
    Grace Parker is just about the most darling thing i have ever looked out...she has jaclyn's know the 24/7 kind we all wish for ;)
    And i am so excited you wore your red heels and dress with the denim today! I love that i know exactly what you're wearing today!
    Have a fabulous Friday!! Huge hugs!!

  4. Oh Jen, your neices are just sooo cute. Those costumes cracked me up, and I LOVE that pic of Grace Parker as Princess Leia! She's absolutely lush. And yep, she's the same age as Courtney, aren't they fun!

    Way to go on the red shoe front, I never ever have a bad day wearing red shoes, I just don't think it's possible!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Jen, Papa Sam says "yea for white legs!" And if there's anybody who knows about white legs (or pasty skin as he calls it) it would be your kindred spirit Papa Sam. I know you looked just beautiful!
    Mama Eddy
    P.S. And the neices don't look so bad either - tee hee!

    Jen, there is something about you that so reminds me of the fragrance of our Christ…and it comes through your words for I know not your presence…His Spirit permeates your thoughts and attitudes…you are one absolutely precious person…full of Him! That’s obvious!

  7. Oh your nieces are so cute and yes the humpty dumpty is so funny I laughed out loud!!
    And the 3 outfits b/f wearing the ballerina costume is hilarious!
    I also love the mention of the angel saying Happy Angel - oh goodness!! She sounds darling!
    Kids crack me up!!
    Oh and girl I think you are beautiful - although I have never seen your legs you embrace that whiteness - love it!!