Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Last Time I......

1. Went to Disneyland/World: In May! With Grant's family.

2. Had a phone conversation that lasted over an hour: Joanna!

3. Saw a movie in the theater: Last weekend with Katie, we saw the Nanny Diaries!

4. Saw someone famous: Superbowl 2004!!

5. Took a car trip that was over 10 hours: Oooh it's been a LONG time!

6. Drank Kool-Aid: Probably about a year ago

7. Went to a school dance: Senior prom! (SO FUN)

8. Was on a boat: Labor day weekend I believe at the lake!

9. Was on a plane: September 12.

10. Ate a Rice Krispy Treat: That would be yesterday :)

11. Jogged: A few days ago when Moxie and I went for a run

12. Went to the doctor: Friday blaaaaah

13. Was out of the Country: ummm I guess that would be for our honeymoon in December/January of 2006/2007.

14. Washed my car: Grant washed it about a month ago. Thanks honey :)

15. Ate a bowl of cereal: Yesterday morning, Captain Crunch baby!

16. Held a baby: That would be Thursday night, I held Matt & Julie's little boy Jacob, SO CUTE

17. Watched an episode of Friends: a couple days ago, it was a rerun on TBS

18. Jumped up and down: When the new season of the Office was starting :)

19. Bought an item of clothing: Yesterday. (Macy's is having a HUGE sale ya'll!)

20. Vacummed: Sweet husband did it for me on Friday :)

21. Had to speak/perform in front of a large group of people: Grant and I sang at Ricky and Olga's wedding back in June... does that count?

22. Took a test: Wow, I guess that would be the spring semester of 2006.

23. Went to a wedding: Claire and Russell's in August!!

24. Used a phone with a cord on it: Everyday at work

25. Ate pizza: I think we ordered pizza about 2 weekends ago

26. Had a cup of coffee: Last week

27. Did a math problem by hand: Also Spring semester 2006! :)

28. Had a manicure or pedicure: Pedicure, over a month ago. Girls, it is TIME!

29. Got a package in the mail: About 2 weeks ago! It was a book from Sally

30. Updated my blog: Well before today, it was Thursday I believe! Sorry ladies!

OKAY, you are ALL tagged. You ALL have to do this one :) Have fun ladies!


  1. Hi Jen!
    This is a little note from your friend Ingrid that lives in Sweden.
    I am so happy that i found your blogg on the internet - it has been such a long time since ive seen you and here you are all grown up married and lokking lovely. My life in Sweden is greate. Married to my husband Isak my highscholl sweetheart. We are living just by the waterfront just 10 minutes outside Gothenburg Sweden. I run my own buisnings wich is an performing arts center for handicaped Childern and youth - something i am really proud of.

    I hope you and your husband and family are all well ....
    Thinking of you all alot remebering my fun Texas summers and you welcoming and loving family.

    Love or "KRAM" as we say in swedish


  2. Jen,
    I love this!!
    I will have to do it later and the one Amanda did on her blog - too fun!!!
    BTW: I am trying to remember did you need a room for the San Antonio conference?
    I only have a few rooms left and have held one for you just in case.
    Please let me know so if you do not need one I can let one of the other siestas know :)
    Love ya,

  3. You went for a run!!! I thought you only did that when a rabid dog was chasing you???
    I love it!
    I love you and miss you!

  4. Haha Jen, that's so funny you mentioned that because I 'hear' your american accent when I read your posts!! I soo wanna go to disneyworld, I've been to disneyLAND but disneyWORLD is bound to be way way better! xx